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An Easy Guide To Clean Your Shower Room

On an average, people do not think much when it comes to bathroom cleaning. They simply use the same material to clean the glass door, shower, porcelain basin, tiles and everything. But did you know that using the wrong material can damage your bathroom?

To make it easier for you, I will explain in this blog how you can easily clean the shower room.

Cleaning the shower glass
A shower glass adds a touch of beauty to the bathroom. To make your bathroom look good always, you need to have a clean shower glass. In general, people just scrub the glass to clean it, which in reality is a bad practise. It leaves little grooves behind and sometimes minor scratches too. Continuously using scrub will ultimately damage the glass leading to a requirement for replacement. Instead, you can use liquid gel, which comes for cleaning glasses.It will leave the shower door spotless. You can also use distilled white vinegar with baking soda. Keep the mixture on the door and rinse off when dry. You will be astonished to see the amazing results.

Cleaning the shower
Most of the bathroom hardwares are coated with clear lacquer to increase its longevity. Abrupt scrubbing can damage it. The best way to clean a shower is to take white vinegar in a grocery bag and dip the shower inside it overnight. Next morning, clean it with simple water.

Cleaning the tiles, ceiling and walls
Well, tiles needs proper maintenance. For cleaning the best way is to spray all purpose cleaner and keep it for an hour. Next wipe it and you will get a squeaky clean shower room.

With these three simple steps you can maintain the beauty of your bathroom.

Benefits of keeping the shower room clean
If you have thought that only keeping the toilet seats and drains clean will keep you healthy, then think again. Shower rooms also needs a proper cleaning, not because it will appear uncleaned after a certain span of time, but because of health reasons too. Why do we choose shower room over shower curtains anyway? To maintain the cleanliness of the bathing area.

When you take a shower, the germs from your body doesn’t always flow down the drain. Some makes the shower door their home also ; hard water often leads to stains on the shower which invites bacterial accumulation. In course of time, bacterial invasion of your bathroom will increase and make you prone to various diseases. This forms the main reason why you should clean the shower room often.
If you have a Shower Room in your bathroom, follow the above steps and increase the hardware’s’ longevity. If you are planning to install a shower room, then look no further than dabbl.de.This is your one stop solution for all sanitary needs. Contact Us today and order your shower room requirements.