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Are Frameless Shower Screens The Right Choice For Your Bathroom

These days people tend more to make their home look beautiful by teaming it up with the best available home decor in the market. But, the most neglected area of your home is necessarily the bathroom. You must add some touch of elegance to your bathroom too, to make it compatible to the entire look of your home decor.


The market is flooded with various glass furniture that you can add to your home decor. For your bathroom, rely completely on the frameless shower screens which comes with a lot of benefits. But, you should be choosy about the designs and the manufacturers as it is a good and long term investment.

This blog will talk about a few advantages that the shower screens have.


A decent and elegant appearance

A regular shower curtain looks very boring and dull. Frameless shower doors are latest in trend and can add a touch of classiness and elegance to your bathroom. When guests will use the restroom, the appealing beauty of the shower screens are sure to draw in compliments.


Are durable

Frameless shower screens are low on maintenance and very durable. The issue that generally comes up with the framed glass screens are that the frames give up after sometime, calling for repairs. To maintain the sliding of the door continue easily, you have to focus on their maintenance. But, with frameless shower screens, you can be assured that these will go a long way. The durable glass doors and the fittings need no maintenance and you can use it with ease.


Easy to clean

People generally hate to clean the bathroom often. But, these shower screens are easy to clean as the clear glass hardly attracts stains. All you need to do is wipe the glass with a wet rag and the glass is clean and shiny.


Natural lighting

Many people want their bathroom look more large and prefers natural light. With frameless shower screens, you can bring in the natural light in the bathroom as it will get reflected through the glass and make the area look bigger.


Easy installation

The process of installation of the frameless shower screens are also an easy process. Unlike the framed ones, where replacing one shower screen, requires the other to be of the same size or else it will not fit the available space. But, frameless shower screens are  easy to install as it can be fitted in any space.  It will at the same time make the bathroom look bigger.


Healthy option

You must be thinking what does a shower door have to do with health? Well, here let me tell you that since the old styled shower screens had frames, it formed a breeding ground for germs if not properly cleaned. But, the frameless shower screens do not harbor any kind of germs. Therefore, these shower screens are the most hygienic option for making your bathroom look more appealing.

Now, you know why it is always better to opt for frameless shower screens than the regular framed ones or shower curtains. But, you must be thinking where to get the elegant looking frameless shower screens that will just meet your expectations. If this is your only query, then look no further than dabbl. Here, you will get various options on shower screens and shower doors to add the classy touch to your bathroom. To order your requirements, Contact Dabbl today!