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Different Types of Shower Rooms You Should Know

People these days are willing to spend more to have an elegant, convenient and comfortable bathroom. One big reason for the considerations towards shower room is the kind of comfort and winter warmth this area provides to the individuals. We all love the time we get for a hot shower in those cold winter days where we can just keep sitting for hours dreaming and thinking. Since Dabbl understands the importance and comfort you attach with your shower rooms, here we are with the top designs, styles and a luxurious comfort.

Shower Rooms based on its Function

1) The overall shower room

If you are looking for a steam area at your own place, this Overall shower room is a must have. This place can provide all that you will need for a comfortable and luxurious bath experience. Such showers are generally not customized and cannot be used alone by heart patients, hypertension illness and children.

2) The simple shower room

The simple shower room may not be as technically designed as a whole shower room, but it works with high functionalities. Such shower rooms do not have a roof, it comes with a basic structure of chassis or texture ceramics, acrylic, artificial stones, glass doors or the ordinary tempered glass doors. High quality and highly durable material is used like ripple toughened glass and wove toughened glass material.

Shower Rooms based on Style Points

1) Vertical angle shaped shower rooms

Often the square shaped shower rooms comes with a limited space. Using the correct shape of the shower can help you to optimise the bathroom space and the entry way. Putting the shower on the right side will help you to expand its usage. This is the reason vertical angle shaped shower rooms are a perfect fit for small spaces like a common square diagonal shower room, arc shaped room, diamond shaped shower room etc.

2) A Font bath screen

These are Huxing narrow width showers having multi shaped shower screens. A bathtub can be attached if prefered by the individuals.
Getting a bathtub is common with I-shaped or folding shapes but this can further add to the costs.

Shower rooms based on the shape of Chassis

1) Square

The bathroom partition frame is made of high quality aluminum, Foshan, Guangdong. The structure of such frames are highly stable with flexible push and pull functionalities. To add on to the features of this shower room type is its quality of being low noise, affordable, high quality steel glass and hardware bearing to make the shower room more secure and ensure its service life.

2) Round

Round shower rooms are loved by many because of its unique look and comfortable functionalities. Having no corners or edges, this shower room simply adds to the look of your bathroom. The sliding shower doors without any edges also reduces the chances of injuries, thus they are a perfect fit for your children’s use.

3) Fan

If you have a wall inside the shower area, then a fan shower room can be an appropriate selection.

4) Diamond shaped shower room

Brick shaped shower room occupy relatively larger space. But, if your bathroom space is large enough,you should go for this shower as the beautiful designs can just take your space to another level.

Shower room based on Door Structure

1) The sliding door

When you do not have ample of space inside the shower rooms, the best practice is to opt for a sliding door as it won’t take much of the push or pull space and is highly functional.

2) The Folding door

Another way of saving the bathroom space is to opt for folding doors. Such doors provide more space as it can be folded upwards or sidewards. These also eases the process of maintenance and ventilation in the bathroom.

3) The rotating shaft door

Although the Pivot door needs slightly larger space as compared to others but the appearance and functionality are way higher. If you are looking for an elegant space, this door is just the right choice.

Coming to the color of shower room, you can add brilliant whites along with many more bright colors like silver, gold, yellow, red and blue. At Dabbl, we make sure that all your requirements are fulfilled. You can visit our website or contact us for more information.