Importance of Shower Screen Door Hinges

Shower Enclosures

Shower screen hinges clamp directly onto the glass and if you buy cheap hinges, the door is likely to drop over time and could hit the tiles and explode. And then you end up with a door that doesn’t open and close properly, makes a noise when you use it, drags on the floor, is unusable or inefficient or too heavy for the hinges.
Now you understand why it is important to use quality hinges for your shower screen door, let’s consider how to choose the best hinges.
Things to Consider When Choosing Shower Screen Hinges
The right hinge for your shower screen door depends primarily on the weight and thickness of your glass. You also need to consider the size of your door width, whether you require bifold-opening door hinges, whether you want your shower door to be self – closing, and your chosen finish of hinge.
Types of Hinges
• Hinges for the thinnest safety glass
• Hinges for fix and swing shower door configuration over baths
• Square and bevelled bifold shower hinges
• Bifold hinges that fold back 180 degree
• Glass to glass hinges
• Door to wall hinges
• Hinges for maximum door widths
• Hinges for maximum door weights
• Dual action hinges that open both inwards and outwards
• Self-closing shower screen hinges
Custom angle hinges
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