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When you decide to remodel your bathroom, there are many decisions you have to make. These range from the choice of wall color all the way to hardware finish. Another important decision is the type of door to install. Whether you are renovating an old bathroom or building a new one, you should always consider using glass shower screen. Clear shower doors will give your bathroom a sense of modernity and also makes it appear large and clean. Below are other advantages of clear shower screens.

First and foremost, they are very attractive and slick. Clear shower screen also make your bathroom to look more polished and unified. This is because they allow other elements of design to pop.

Another crucial advantage of glass shower screen is the fact that it is highly customization. Other encloses like shower curtains are only made in a specific size and designs; this makes your options very limited. This is usually not the case with glass screens. The ability to customize glass screens becomes even more important when renovating an old shower. Because the shower was not designed with the rest of the bathroom, the contractor can take these eccentrics into account during the design in order to ensure seamless fit.

Durability is another factor that has made glass showers very popular. The glass used to make shower screens usually undergo a lot of tempering and treatment to strengthen it. Because of this, if the door is properly maintained, it can last as long as your home does.

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  • Advantages of Shower Screen

    When you decide to remodel your bathroom, there are many decisions you have to make. These range from the choice of wall color all the way to hardware finish. Another important decision is the type of door to install. Whether you are renovating an old bathroom or building a new one, you should always consider […]

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  • So you’re considering renovating your bathroom with a new shower installation? Great!

    Now the fun really starts. Deciding to take that step is a big one, not just in financial terms, but also in the expected toll involved in the disruption of your home and in all the decisions you have to make along the way that help your contractor make the best installation possible. Sure, at first, it all looks like fun: Perusing the dozens of pictures of beautiful frameless showers, your anticipation grows as you begin to imagine a shower much like those you admire in your own bathroom. Then reality intrudes: Picking out metal finishes and glass types, setting appointment times and schedules with your contractor, trying to nap while the contractor’s workers pound nails and knock out walls while prepping for construction. Oh, and then there’s potential supply hang-ups and color mismatches or problems with the size of the glass. All this to say: You’re potentially stepping into a big adventure with your prospective shower installation and all the related constructive work to go from an idea to a working reality. Let’s take a step back for a moment though. Let’s consider that a properly managed construction project, no matter how large or how small, is capable of being monitored and executed to completion with a minimum of fuss, disruption of your daily life, and most importantly the stress often associated with projects that can take over your home. Is such a thing possible? Is it possible that professionals exist in the world today? People with a world-class attitude and thoughtfulness paired with real-world experience, coupled with attention to detail and speed? Yes, it really does exist, but how do you know who to pick as the right shower installation contractor? Here are some suggestions for how to approach and manage your shower installation project: Talk to friends, especially any that you know who have done relatively recent bathroom renovations. Ask them who they used as the construction company on the job, was the job done on or near the deadline, and what was the end-result quality of the work and services provided? Don’t hesitate to talk to other contractors to get their feedback on who the best contractors are to work with. Learn about the industry – about the best products and solutions available today, and how well –or how poorly – they work in the real world. Go to home and garden or trade shows. Talk to home owners as well as vendors. Get comfortable with the products you will have to support and maintain for many years to come. Lastly, and perhaps most obviously: Talk at length with all of the contractors who are bidding on your project. There are those that won’t offer you a free consultation, and that consultation will be an ideal opportunity to get a sense of the contractor’s working approach but also their approachability, professionalism, and willingness to listen and adapt easily to your concerns.

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  • Reasons to Choose a Walk-In Shower Enclosure

    For a convenient showering experience a walk-in shower enclosure will appear to be the best option for modern day living with a luxury designer style in your bathroom. Walk-In showers have become increasingly popular in the last 10 years, highlighted in designer magazines as the ultimate in showering and the practical choice in comparison to […]

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    When thinking about a new shower for their bathroom, many people think that their choices are limited, more so than say, choosing a bath. But actually, there are loads of different styles all designed to suit your needs. Whether you’re redesigning your ensuite, putting in a shower room, or simply don’t have space for a […]

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  • Corner Shower Enclosures

    Corner shower enclosures are very similar to quadrant enclosures. However, quadrants are rounded, corner enclosures go for a straight edged look which makes for cleaner lines and provides much neater look in the bathroom. The style of enclosures is one of the most compatible with bathrooms as it will fit in virtually any corner assuming […]