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Which is the best shower room? Dabbl shower room people-oriented, customer first, pay attention to the consumer experience, and continuous innovation and change, that can bring people more showers to enjoy, this is Dabbl shower room responsibility, is a commitment to consumers.

The construction of a brand requires the quality and design of the product, and the service cannot be separated from it. Often in the consumer service can see a brand strength, because shower room brand to give consumers in addition to product experience, but also have good after-sales service.

Dabbl shower room establishes a sound sales service network, products not only domestic, but also out of Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and around the world. At the same time, shower room as a special kind of ware, need to install a professional to ensure the safe use of shower room, shower room and if there Water Leakage maintenance problems, shower room, the pulley is broken, handle broken and so on, affect the consumer experience.Dabbl shower room is a rising star, shining in the shower room in the market, adhering to the development of integrity of the business philosophy of quality is king, in the shower room design style fashion features and excellent products, has been favored by more and more people, and firmly occupy a space for one person, believe that Dabbl will give consumers bring the shower room is not the same experience, interpretation of characteristics of the bathing space.

Dabbl shower rooms so that consumers had no good fault shower life, with sincere service spirit and professional team to bring consumers like spring warm service, because of this, Dabbl shower harvest a number of loyal fans.

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  • How to design the shower rooms

    According to the market survey results, the general master bedroom toilet about 4-6 square meters, public toilet about 5-7 square meters, but the whole will be controlled below 10 square meters. In such a narrow space, how to make full use of the whole space becomes a problem for every decoration person to think about. […]

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  • Shower Enclosures

    From stylish walk-in showers to space saving quadrants and bi-fold doors, showers enclosures are available in so many designs and sizes to suit any bathroom space. But this can make it difficult to choose the best one. Types of Shower Enclosures Before choosing a shower enclosure, make sure you’ve decided on the best possible position […]

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    Hermes president Brown Carter said that for the origin of loyalty and persistence, is the irreplaceable element of the achievements of luxury, is the French manufacturing and handmade achievements Hermes, and all the luxury is the time of luxury” Similarly, in the global manufacturing center of Foshan, Guangdong, China. Dabbl shower room depends on the […]

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    The shower room has become a modern bathroom decoration, let us enjoy a carefree time in the shower and bathroom space to get wet and dry separation effectively, then we will work together to understand how Dabbl shower room, look at it what are the advantages? The product characteristics of Dabbl brand shower room The […]

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  • What’s good about shower room?

    1, wet and dry separation Install shower room can realize wet and dry separation, use the shower, will not be cheap to the bathroom, let the toilet everywhere water. 2, winter insulation In winter, when it is used, it can keep warm, the heat gathered in a relatively small space, will not soon disperse, played […]

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    With the improvement of people’s living standards, independent shower room space, is a practical choice of modern home.The shower room began to appear in places such as the exotic Traders Hotel, and with the development of the brand of shower room, shower began to advance from first-tier cities to two or three line city. Shower […]

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