Pivot Shower Doors – Advantages, Disadvantages & Product Options

Pivot Shower Doors

Choosing a shower door is not the easiest task. Is it better to go with a pivot door, a sliding?
door or get rid of the door entirely and do a walk in shower? In the article below learn what
a pivoting door is, its advantages, disadvantages and options.
What is a pivoting hinged door– This shower door opens outward into the
bathroom. It is available in very cost effective framed designs up to a high end luxury
frameless designs in multiple sizes and glass types.
• Can accommodate larger openings- This fact can be especially important for
higher end luxury showers.
• Increased Safety- Since the openings can be designed larger it can be safer for
those with mobility challenges.
• No track at the bottom of the door- With sliding doors there is often a track at
the bottom of the door – with a pivot shower door you can eliminate this track.
• High end luxury designs are available- Using thicker frameless glass in a
pivoting door will fit in a high end home.
• Not well suited to small bathrooms- Since the door opens outward, it is not
generally the best choice for smaller spaces.
• Some water may get on the floor when it’s opened- After a shower water
may spill out onto the floor when the door is opened.
Door Options
There are a good number of options available in hinged shower doors. The doors are
available in framed, semi-frameless to completely frameless. If you’re looking for increased
privacy an obscure glass pattern will work best – if you want to show off intricate stone or
tile designs in a luxury shower a clear glass door will be preferred option.