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  • Custom Shower Enclosures, Popular in This Era

    The custom shower room is a new thing. Custom life has been generally in our lives. Many clothing, home, car, travel agency brands have launched a more “popular” custom product menu. Customers can according to their own needs in the brand. The menu on the choice of their own configuration, the same product full personality, […]

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  • Shower Room Common and Maintenance Methods

    1, Shower room leaking Recommended treatment: first check the shower room waterproof tape is installed, look at the shower rooms and the bottom basin and whether there is a gap between the walls, glass glue is sealed, and finally check the water heater is installed. Is the connection to the drain pipe intact? 2, Shower […]

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  • Dabbl Shower Enclosures Achievements Safe High-end Fashion Shower Room Brand

    In recent years shower room is in the speed of development. Now into the building materials market, we can clearly see the various shower room brand stores. Today, the shower industry has become increasingly mature, many shower room brands are moving in the standardization of development. However, the industry also has some shortcomings. Shower room […]

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  • Quadrant Shower Enclosures

    Quadrant shower enclosures are a wonderful alternative to traditional square or rectangular shaped cabins, and are ideal for bathrooms where space is at a premium or where you want a cool, modern look and a corner entry shower enclosure. We have a fabulous selection of quadrant shower enclosures and shower enclosure kits that will make […]

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  • My Shower Enclosure, My Bathroom

      Nowadays, most people have more and more demands for bathroom equipment, many families expect to have a separate bathing range, but because of the restrictions, only bathing facilities and sanitary ware can be placed in a room. Each style of shower room has become increasingly popular. Not only it can easily create a private […]