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    When thinking about a new shower for their bathroom, many people think that their choices are limited, more so than say, choosing a bath. But actually, there are loads of different styles all designed to suit your needs. Whether you’re redesigning your ensuite, putting in a shower room, or simply don’t have space for a […]

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  • Dabbl shower room is expensive, but not unreasonable

    Hermes president Brown Carter said that for the origin of loyalty and persistence, is the irreplaceable element of the achievements of luxury, is the French manufacturing and handmade achievements Hermes, and all the luxury is the time of luxury” Similarly, in the global manufacturing center of Foshan, Guangdong, China. Dabbl shower room depends on the […]

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    Types of Shower Doors There are a number of door styles to suit your shower enclosure scenario: Framed vs. Frameless: – Shower doors and enclosure come with a frame or without. Frames which support thinner glass panels are generally fashioned from metal in a finish to complement the bathroom faucets and hardware. Frameless versions look sleek, are […]

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  • Walk-in, a Shower Cubicle without a Shower Tray

    Trendy and practical solution for both small and spacious bathrooms. Walk-in shower cubicles can be precisely adjusted to the dimensions and shape of the interior. Tray less shower cubicles popularity is on the rise. Excellent alternative for traditional shower trays If we use a ready-made acrylic shower tray, we have to fit the project to […]

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  • Shower Room Common and Maintenance Methods

    1, Shower room leaking Recommended treatment: first check the shower room waterproof tape is installed, look at the shower rooms and the bottom basin and whether there is a gap between the walls, glass glue is sealed, and finally check the water heater is installed. Is the connection to the drain pipe intact? 2, Shower […]