Types of Hinge Shower Doors

glass shower doors

Installing or replacing your old shower doors can make a big difference in the look and functionality of your shower. When you begin to shop for your new shower doors you will quickly see that there are many different types of shower doors available to you.

Hinge Shower Door

The first and most obvious type of hinged shower door is in fact simply called a hinge shower door. A hinge shower door is a glass panel that opens by swinging in one direction like a typical door. The door hinge can be attached to a stationary glass panel or to the wall or shower surround.

The hinge shower door is a perfect choice if you want a large entry into your new shower as they open fully to allow you the full entry width of the shower. However, if you have a smaller bathroom and don’t really have space to fully open this shower door then this may not be the best type of shower door for you as it will require a large open area.

Pivot Shower Door

Another well-known type of hinged shower door is a Pivot shower door. A Pivot shower door is similar to the hinge shower door in the way that is a single glass panel that opens by swinging, the majority of the time, in one direction. Pivot consists of metal sleeves that fit around the top and bottom of the shower door. These sleeves connect the door to a metal rod, or pivot, so require a frame of some form so that the pivot hinges can be held in place both above and below the shower door.

Like the hinge shower door it will require a bit of space to open the door but not quite as much, this is because the pivot hinge is positioned a certain distance in from the edge of the door unlike the hinge shower door. This means that some of the doors will swing inward whilst the majority of the door will open outwards. However the smaller opening area does come at a price, as this will reduce the entry width of your shower door, in some cases quite significantly.