The 126th Canton Fair 2019 | The return of reputation and perfect ending of Dabbl Shower Enclosure

Looking for you who share the same aspiration, will you be the next open market and win-win ally?

Canton Fair

The 126th China import and export commodities fair in 2019 came to a successful conclusion at the Pazhou pavilion of Guangzhou convention and exhibition center on Monday. This exhibition provides a fair and open competition stage for a number of well-known brands at home and abroad, and brings a ravenous feast for visitors from all over the world. As a leading brand of shower door industry, Dabbl has won wide praise from all sectors of society for its minimalist exhibition hall style, innovative products and inclusive and hospitable service attitude.

Shower Doors

During the exhibition, our company mainly brought minimalist luxury products to the exhibition, paying more attention to the beauty of products and the practicality of space. Craftsmanship design, extreme selection of materials, each product is shown in its perfect form, no matter the appearance or touch, there is no international standard.

The booth of Dabbl   there is a lot of visitors and looking at a crowded street

The exhibition hall is exquisite and beautiful, and the products are colorful.

Visitors to the company’s products show a strong interest in each eye-catching.

This  benefits from Dabbl shower door accurate grasp of the taste of young groups, to meet the audience group differentiation, diversified needs, leading the fashion trend.

This is also the result of Dabbl’s continuous accumulation and exploration of market, population and demand for a long time. Accurate market orientation will bring greater market opportunities.

Professional enthusiasm to  introduce  products to foreign friends

Dabbl pays attention to talent to cultivate, made professional and efficient elite team inside industry of a shower door. In the process of on-the-spot reception talks over, the professional service team of Dabbl shower door left deep impression to exhibiting client.

The young and professional elite team

Everyone take the initiative to introduce products to exhibitors, on the other side of the question to answer, and on the spot to provide professional product explanation, so that many exhibitors more intuitive understanding of products.

Through r & d, production, integration, sales, service and other multi-dimensional comprehensive strength, has achieved a good exchange and negotiation results, and reached a number of cooperation intentions, widely recognized.

The exhibition will end, but the splendor will never end.

Foreign friends went to the factory to know about the products deeply

In the future, Dabbl will adhere to uphold for customers to provide high-quality products and services of the original heart, unswervingly in the shower door on the road to go further. At the same time we also sincerely invite like-minded friends to join Dabbl shower room project dealers, work together to create a new world.

The high-end custom and Art tradition of  DABBL Shower Door