Quick installation method of toilet partition

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Toilet partition presumably has been very popular, in some outdoor public places, this kind of partition to bring convenience to everyone’s life. For installation technicians, how to quickly master the toilet partition installation skills is an important step to improve construction efficiency. Here you take a detailed understanding of toilet installation knowledge.

One, wall fixed slice: the center line that draws a fixed piece on the wall, use an electric drill to go up 3 places of the hole after the hole is embedded in the hole of the plastic plug inside the hole, then fix the plate with the expansion screw to fix on the wall.

Two, Adjust the base of the foot: the floor is painted to adjust the center line of the position of the foot, which will adjust the foot seat to be fixed on the 150mm floor of the front edge of the stall.

Three, clapboard between fixed compartment plate set against the wall and adjust a foot seat, raise the board to the ground, this normal height 145 mm, determine the level, use screws to fix compartment plate fixed to the wall and adjust a foot seat.

Four, column: the middle column: screw rod is fixed on the fixed plate, column middle vertex Figure 4, by L fixed piece, the column and the partition plate fixation combined with one wall column — on the wall to draw a straight line perpendicular to the ground, with 3 drilling drill online, embedded in the plastic sleeve in the hole, and to determine the vertical, with a screw type L fixed film, the wall column fixed on the ground 145 high walls.

Five, terminal post: fixed on the edge of the rod fixed plate and L type edge tab in the terminal column, then the screw plate is fixed on the partition board.

Six, tie rod: 1, according to the actual length cutting fixed compartment, the straight rod butt, pipe connection is required to add into the circular sets and pressing spring leaf to determine joint smooth, impervious, the place should be fixed on the tension on a chip, to increase the beautiful.2. For the 90-degree Angle pull rod of the stall, use the aluminum alloy to shoot the 90-degree corner joint, connecting the pull rod at both ends of the corner.3, with a fixed set of convex circular wall, use screws to fix terminal lever on the wall.4. The tie rod is connected and fixed with the upper edge fixing piece of the column by screws.

Seven, door leaf: safety hinge seat, under fixed on the upright post, hinge piece fixed on the door leaf, the next two, will automatically be nylon seat placed hinge seat in place, can make the door leaf in we need Angle automatically open and close freely.

Eight, security: the security indicator indicating lock fixed column and no use, indicating the lock will be displayed in green, the lock will display red, when the emergency situation occurs, the safety indicator lock can be opened from outside to ensure the safety and emergency. Dabbl is a Top Shower and Sanitary Ware leading Company Provide all types of shower enclosures, doors, cubicles and Sanitary Products With Very Best Quality and Cheap Prices. for more details visit us www.dabbl.de