5 Ideas To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Trendy And Spacious

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All homeowners are not blessed with large and spacious bathrooms. Some have smaller ones and they long for bigger ones. But, trust me, you do not have to worry, even if you have a smaller bathroom. There are ways in which you can upgrade your existing bathroom and make it look trendy and spacious.

Here, we have come up with a few ideas that can make any size bathroom appear spacious, illuminated and classy. Here, goes the list-

  1. Warm wooden feel

The spas generally have wooden walls and floors to bring in the feel of nature and relaxation. You can replace your bathroom floor with wooden ones or tiles of wooden print. This will give you a feeling of peace when inside the bathroom.

  1. Custom glass shower door

Custom glass shower doors are perhaps the best upgrade that you can provide to your bathroom. Glass illuminates light and makes the bathroom appears bigger and these require less maintenance too. Not only, it makes the bathroom appear spacious, but also makes one feel like they have entered a spa. Doesn’t it sound cool to turn your small bathroom into a spa? Since, the doors are frameless, it will offer a seamless and clean appearance.

  1. Shower screens

If your bathroom hosts a bathtub, you can consider adding a shower screen to provide an elegant look to it. These are low on maintenance, easy to clean and gives the illuminating look, similar to that of the frameless shower doors.


  1. Elegant showerheads

So what if your bathroom is smaller than the luxury hotel ones. You can always get the feel of spas and perfect relaxation at home itself. Experiment with various kinds of showers available in the market. For example, vertical showers. These sprays water in jets and gives a relaxing feeling to the body. A compact shower is also a great addition to a small bathroom. It hardly matters if your bathroom is small; a stunning shower can add the trendy look to it. Everything depends on  planning the design and investing in the proper accessories for proper customization. This will enhance your shower experience as well as add an elegant touch to your home decor.


  1. Add designer mirrors

Mirrors are another great way to make your bathroom appear spacious. It reflects the light and gives you a classy feel when you are in the bathroom. A customized designer mirror and dressing it up with moulding, will look great on one side of the wall. The bigger the mirror, the great the appearance.

With these five upgrades, you can add elegance and classiness to your bathroom. Frameless shower doors are in vogue and adds the trendy appeal to your home decor. So, if you own a small bathroom, try these tips and draw in compliments from guests and extended family members. For upgrading your bathroom, get the customized shower screens and shower doors from Dabbl today!