5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures are the latest style statement in interior house decoration. These enclosures are an important part of modern lifestyle  of people. It is the best way to use space judiciously in a bathroom and that also exquisitely. It is always a better option in getting a good shower enclosure than doing a whole scale remodelling of the entire bathroom.

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There are various companies available in the market providing various kinds of shower enclosures. These companies even have designers for meeting the demands of customers who want customized enclosures.

Walk In Shower Enclosure, Corner Shower Enclosures are some of the most popular types favored by customers while choosing shower enclosures.

It is crucial that one looks at the major and minor niches of shower enclosures before buying one. Here we help you out with 5 things to look before buying a shower enclosure.


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Handles are a very important part of any shower enclosure. It needs to be properly checked that the material used in making these are of good quality. Polished chrome is the most preferred metal in such use. Plastic coated or simply color sprayed handles should be avoided.


The glass of the door is the part that gets most water droplet marks. It is a very crucial part of any shower enclosure. The thickness of the glass is to be seen before buying.

The features of a good glass door in the enclosure are that it should be easy to clean, the water doesn’t stay for long on it is safe. Thick 6mm glass is mostly recommended for this purpose.

Shower Tray

Every shower enclosure requires a shower tray in it. Be it walk in or corner shower enclosure you will always need a place to keep your shower accessories. It therefore is subjected to much water inside the enclosure. Therefore it needs to be strong and durable with being stylish at the same time.


Shower Water Swim Trays Drop Of Water Shower Head


Different companies provide different kinds of fittings depending on the shape and size of the enclosure. The knobs, rollers must be aligned according to your space in the bathroom. Water supply also determines on how the shower fitting would be done.

Enclosure Door

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The enclosure door is the standout feature of any enclosure. The glass here is most susceptible to getting dirty. Water repellent glass is very much used in making enclosure doors these days. There are various kinds of doors now available in the market. Be it tub enclosures, sliding enclosures or quadrant  all have different types of doors.
It is crucial for your bathroom decor that you look carefully before buying shower enclosures. With so many companies in the market it is very confusing to choose which model to buy and from where. Daabl sanitaryware Co. Ltd.is one of the best companies offering a wide range of shower doors, shower enclosures and cubicles. Contact them for all the best choices for your bathroom.