5 Things You Can Use To Clean Your Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning the shower must be pretty down on your to do list, after all who likes cleaning. But by the time you have procrastinated it long enough, your shower is in a need of a thorough and a good scrub. Of course you wouldn’t want that. So, how can you keep your shower doors, in sparkling condition without having to put too much work in it.

Here we are going to discuss different ways and materials that you can use to make your shower doors all sparkling clean:

  1. Make use of a Squeeze

Prevention is always the best. So make sure you wipe down the shower door with a squeegee after every use. It will save you a lot of time as as it will take a few minutes instead of hours of cleaning. It basically prevents the build up of any hard water deposit. To make it all easy, have a squeegee always hanging in your shower.

  1. Fabric Softener

Take one liter of warm water and mix one cup of fabric softener in it. It is an effective and easy way to clean your glass shower door and to get rid of all the residue and soap scum. You have to just wipe this mixture on the door and then simply wash it down with warm water. Moreover, wipe it with dryer sheets, if you have them handy.

  1. Lemon Oil

Another way of getting rid of the soap residue is through lemon oil. Spray the lemon oil on the door and wipe it clean with a cloth. But make sure you don’t use this method too much as it can cause a bit of damage too. The ideal time would be every two weeks to keep your shower all clean and fresh with a nice fragrance.

  1. White vinegar

It is one item that almost every household have, so make use of it. Put white vinegar into a spray bottle and simply spray it onto your glass shower door. Then scrub the vinegar mixture onto the shower screen before you rinse it off with warm water. Don’t put the bottle just about anywhere, keep it labelled so that your kids doesn’t assume it as water.

  1. Multi Use tool for scrubbing

You can make use of a toothbrush to scrub the metal frame of your shower door. If you want to get the gunk out of the areas where metal meets glass shower door, use a paint scraper. It will do the job quiet effectively. Moreover, a razor can scrape any mineral spots from the glass, if applied gently and carefully.

These are a few of the things that will help you in keeping your glass shower doors clean and all sparkling. If you want to get your bathroom renovated or to simply change your shower doors, contact us and explore our wide range of glass shower doors immediately!