7 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Needs A Frameless Shower Door

An elegant bathroom which immediately draws in compliments is the wish of every homeowner. But, one does not always find the way to make their bathrooms stand out. Here, we have a great idea which can make your bathroom look unique. A frameless shower door in the bathroom can be a great addition to your home decor. Not, only will your bathroom look great, there are other reasons why you should consider installing a frameless shower door right away. Here’s why-


  1. No more toxic plastic curtains


Plastic curtains have become very common and boring. Not only these look monotonous, but are harmful for us too. These plastic curtains emit volatile organic compounds and lead which are toxic to human health. Hence, by replacing toxic plastics with a frameless shower screen or a shower door can be really good for your health and bathroom too.


  1. A classic and elegant touch to your bathroom


The frameless shower doors are modern, yet they make your bathroom look classic and elegant. If your bathroom have old world classic stones, then you can flaunt its beauty by installing the frameless shower doors or screens.


  1. More space


Shower curtains can make your bathroom look smaller. If you consider installing a frameless shower door, it can make the space look larger. Hence, you and your guests will get a better feeling, when they use it.


  1. More light


These shower screens or doors are made up of good quality glass and reflects the light properly. Your bathroom will always appear to be full of light and will not appear dull. Having a curtain means, it will block the light making the bathroom dark and banal.


  1. No division in the bathroom


Framed shower doors or curtains clearly demarcates the division between the entire bathroom space and the shower room. But, with frameless shower doors there will be no visible division in the bathroom, at the same time it will serve the purpose of the shower door.


  1. Easy to clean


Nowadays no one really have the time to invest in cleaning much. Frameless shower doors are easy to clean. A simple wipe with a cloth is enough to keep it clean regularly. But, the framed doors often become rusted or leaves stain on the floor, making it difficult to clean. So, the best option for your bathroom is undoubtedly the frameless shower doors.


  1. A feeling of calmness


Do you wish to feel like you are in the bathroom of a resort or you are on a vacation? But, you think that your bathroom is too small for that feeling? Well, do not worry as an addition of a frameless shower door can infuse the feeling of calmness whenever you walk in. You will have that good feeling and will surely draw in compliments from guests as well.

If you always thought of getting a well designed bathroom, then an addition of a frameless shower door can help you achieve that. These are durable, elegant and easy to clean. What more can one wish for, if they have a bathroom, where they can relax in the calmness of its ambience, while enjoying a hot shower. So, if you are looking for installing one in your bathroom, you can have a look at the various designs and the variety of frameless shower doors that Dabbl offers. Choose according to your choice and add a touch of elegance to your home decor today!