A good shower enclosure has a high requirement for glass!

Frameless Shower Enclosure

In fact, the glass of shower enclosures is thick, its firmness is naturally strong, but if too thick, will

be counterproductive, because it is difficult to make tempered glass if the thickness of the

glass is more than 8mm in some small brand glass factory, so that once the glass rupture, There

will be sharp side, which is prone to scratch the risk of the human body.

Because of the glass’ thickness, the thermal conductivity will be worse, so the possibility of the

glass burst will be higher because the glass blew a major reason is an uneven heat caused by

various places, so from this point on the more explosion-proof glass should be thinner.

The thicker the glass, the heavier the weight, the pressure for the hinge is too large, the life of

profiles and pulleys will be shortened, especially in the middle and low shower rooms mostly use

a poor quality pulley, so the thicker the glass but the more dangerous! The quality of the tempered

glass depends mainly on the degree of steel, whether the regular production, light transmission,

impact resistance, heat resistance, etc. The thicker the glass is better than a misunderstanding.

The general shower room in the market are known as tempered glass, the slight difference in the

degree of steel, good glass is completely steel, almost less than 100% of the steel, the market

more than 8mm of the basic glass Can not achieve that 100% of the steel.

Consumers should pay more attention to its 3C certification mark, tempered glass regardless of

size, the above should be affixed with 3C certification mark, from this detail can be known is not

tempered glass. Customers customized shower glass doors should choose formal professional

brand , Carefully check whether the name of the factory, site and certificate, the formal shower

enclosure manufacturers of product quality and construction technology more secure.

In Foshan, China, DABBL Sanitary is the manufacture of high-quality shower enclosure for 12

years . Select DABBL, life without regret.

Frameless Shower Enclosures — More and more popular

DABBL Sanitary, the manufacture of high-quality shower enclosure for 12 years, insists on the

principle that creating superior shower experience for customers and becoming Chinese leading

brand of Shower Enclosure.

For meeting the trend, DABBL always pay attention to the customers’ requirement, and we know

that modern bathrooms are no longer simple, basic places where one can perform one’s hygiene

functions – today, bathrooms are more luxurious and comfortable, and this is evidenced by the

new popularity of frameless shower enclosures, which are also known for their practicality in


DABBL Sanitary has years of experience being a shower enclosure supplier in the China and its

products sell well in many countries and regions, including Europe, America , Southeast Asia,

Oceania, etc. In China, there are over 300 sales points. It pay all its attention on shower door,

shower screen, all the detail of the shower enclosure.

Today, preferences have changed, especially the shower enclosures, the major elements needed

in the bathroom. Customers are pursuing comfort, practicality and aesthetic appeal, and

customers are looking for shower cubicles and enclosures that can give them exactly what they

are looking for. The basic shower cubicle is still being offered, but there are now more choices

than ever as well.

One prime example of this is the selection of shower cubicles being offered by DABBL. One of the

most popular items nowadays is the frameless shower enclosure, which is not only sleek,

modern, and elegant, but practical, too. DABBL develop more and more frameless shower

Enclosures in store for its customers, including Frameless Quadrant Shower Enclosure, which is

one of DABBL featured products on its website.

D9 series applies parallel sliding door. The upper is international fashionable guide rail sliding by

big roller, the lower is stainless steel guided clamp structure. Big roller is esthetic and simple and

mute effect of sliding is good. The bottom applies guided clamp which is smooth and easy for

cleaning and has good waterproof effect. The horizontal sliding door has no lower guide rail, which is

convenient for old people and children to go in and out. The design is innovative, fashionable,

simple and aesthetic, which makes this frameless shower enclosure stand out is its sliding door.

DABBL manufacture high quality shower enclosure for 12 years. It also have professional

technical team and experience do the shower enclosure. Its range of products is mainly a broad

selection of shower enclosures. All the products can be found on the DABBL website.

How to make your bathroom cleaner, have a good shower experience?

If you are fixing up your bathroom, you will have to decide how to keep water in the shower stall.

A custom enclosure with glass door? A do it yourself shower door kit? A shower curtain/liner

combo? There are some distinct benefits to adorning your shower stall with a custom enclosure

fitted with a glass door.

When you have a shower or a bath, if you will face the trouble to make your bathroom wet and it

is very difficult to clean? That is why shower enclosures will come up and get popular.

Most people assume that choosing a glass shower door is a breeze, but there are many things to

consider before making your final decision. Before you make the investment of a new glass

shower door, some tips need to be shared with you.

If the interior of your shower is custom, the door should be too! Most homeowners spend tons

of money customizing their showers, and then drop the ball when it comes to the shower door.

Not only would a generic shower door look odd paired with a unique and customized shower

interior, but by choosing the right glass shower door and keeping it custom, you can achieve a

brand new level of beauty!

What is one of the biggest reasons a custom glass shower is different from a do it yourself kit?

You may not know this, but on an enclosure each piece of glass can be custom cut for that

specific job.