Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Modern bathrooms are all about openness, fluidity and flow. Their open designs attempt to bring together such disparate elements as decorative tile, contemporary bath fixtures and sprawling vanities. Traditional shower doors, with their hard lines and glaring frames, tend to work against that aesthetic by creating closed, defined spaces. Investing in a frameless glass shower door, on the other hand, helps to create a more open, seamless, and contemporary space, that offers a unique design opportunity.

Frameless shower enclosures look elegant, but one of their most redeeming qualities is toughness. Standard shower glass can range in thickness from 3/8 to 1/2- inch, which makes them sturdy, structurally sound and safe. A frameless shower doors is a shower door made completely of glass. Since they don’t need frames to support their weight or slide on, these doors almost universally operate by swinging open and shut on hinges. Perhaps the greatest selling point of these doors isn’t their appearance, but their lack of one. In the never-ending battle to make bathrooms feel larger and more open, a shower door is hardly noticeable at all makes a huge difference, Instead of a door that walls off a significant portion of your bathroom, a frameless shower door helps to incorporate your shower space into a greater bathroom area.

There are numerous advantages associated with frameless shower enclosures, ranging from practical to fashionable, and if they’re done right, they can add to the overall value to your home, too. Durability is reliable because thicker glass is used for it to support the panels that do not have the structural edge of aluminum framing. This kind of shower door is easy to clean and can be restored to looking like new, due to the trackless design. Plus, the seal-in technology of frameless glass doors keeps the water from spilling out to the greater bathroom area.

Finally, because of their openness and transparency, frameless shower enclosures can make your bath feel better that it really is. Frameless doors can be designed to fit any space, making them ideal for bathrooms, large and small. And they don’t have to be boxy, either. We all want to live in our home for as long as we can. Frameless shower enclosures are a great way to let your home age with you because the entry can be leveled with the floor to create easy access as we become older and less mobile. Frameless glass shower enclosures are a great way to meld timeless style with ageless accommodation.