Benefits of Having Glass Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

Some people are satisfied with simply hanging a curtain outside their shower. However, for a little extra elegance, you should really look into acquiring a glass shower enclosure.

Adds Style

If you want your home’s interior to have a more contemporary aesthetic, then glass  shower enclosure is ideal. They are great for adding a sense of luxury to space.

Better Lighting

If you hung a curtain over your shower, then there is a chance, not enough sunlight is going to enter the space. This is especially true if your bathroom’s window is located above the shower. With glass, sunlight is able to shine through, so you do not have to be as reliant on the lighting fixtures.

Easy Maintenance

Curtains need to be washed frequently or else mildew or mould can build up. You do not have that problem with glass. Cleaning is as simple as spraying any standard bathroom cleaner and using a paper towel to wipe dry. Any homeowners who have dealt with mold in the past will enjoy the ease of use that comes with glass.

If you are still on the fence about whether glass shower enclosures are right for your bathroom, schedule a consultation with an expert today. You can call Dabbl to see what options are available to you.