Benefits of Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Featuring a curve-shaped frontage, the quadrant shower enclosure is designed to fit snugly into the corner of your bathroom or ensuite. It normally comes with hinged or sliding shower doors that fit in with the curved shape.  If you are still trying to decide which shape to choose, here are good reasons to pick a quadrant shower enclosure:

Space-saving design

As the front of the shower enclosure is curved, it doesn’t protrude as far into your room as, a rectangular or square shower enclosure would. It still gives you plenty of room for side-to-side movement whilst showering, but cuts down on the backwards and forwards space, which is a luxury rather than a necessity.

Good for odd bathroom layouts

Bathrooms pose unique layout headaches and there are many oddities that can often make a quadrant shower enclosure just the right choice. Some examples could be the placement of your toilet or basin, a vanity unit or access to a recess.

A softer shape

Sometimes the shapes we use in our bathrooms can dictate the style of certain elements. If you really want a rounded suite or rounded bath, a quadrant shower enclosure will be more sympathetic to your design. A square enclosure, for example, will provide straight, clean edges and works well with more angular suites.

Offset option

If you have a bit more room to spare, but still want to make great use of your space, and offset quadrant shower enclosure could be just the job. Designed with a larger showering space, it comes in left and right hand fitting versions.

Less glass to clean

Whilst a rectangular or square shaped shower enclosure presents 2 whole panes of glass (not to mention the doors), most quadrant shower enclosure come with just the curved face to clean, meaning quicker and easier maintenance.

Of course, you can now purchase quadrant shower enclosures with easy clean glass which helps to repel soap, dirt and lime scale, for a clear and sparkling finish.