Buy shower enclosure, you may have overlooked this

Shower Enclosures

The shower enclosure can be described as the warm corner of the bathroom, in this one square meters of private space, you can enjoy the fun of the shower alone is a happy thing. However, many families in the purchase of shower enclosure, it is easy to overlook a problem that is the sealing effect of the shower waterproof, in fact, this issue will directly affect our experience. If the shower enclosure with a long time, the emergence of leakage of the house, all over the water situation, then not only completely failed to wet and dry separation but also greatly increase the difficulty of cleaning, affecting our mood. So, what exactly shower to achieve the seal it? Ordinary shower glass will be used to do the sealing waterproofing, but the long-term use of glass glue, it is easy to turn yellow, moldy, and even water Seepage. In response to this problem, DABBL shower enclosure with glue-free technology by the wall, that is, through the lock-wall aluminum and sealing tape to achieve seal, thereby reducing the amount of plastic glass. Where is the

The advantage of this technology?

1, reduce the use of plastic glass, more healthy and environmentally friendly. In addition to having a pungent smell of plastic glass, a long time will be yellow moldy, DABBL shower enclosure to reduce the amount of glass glue, so as to better solve this problem.

2, professional lock wall aluminum structure design, sealing more ideal. DABBL shower enclosure wall aluminum design, lock wall aluminum wear seal, free glass plastic. In order to achieve the ideal sealing effect, making the shower enclosure, shower doors, shower cubicles more safe and reliable, green, while increasing the aesthetics. See here, I believe we all have realized the importance of waterproof shower enclosure, so only do homework ahead of schedule, it will not cry halo in the toilet!