How to choose the aluminum of shower enclosure?

With the shower room has gradually become a daily life in the daily necessities of the product, how should we buy it? Especially the shower room main material glass and aluminum how should we choose?

1, tempered glass
Tempered glass is the main core accessories of the shower room, but due to the current shower room related industry standards and the lack of supervision and some consumers seeking motives to drive, so that a large number of semi-steel or Rewan glass debut, made low-quality low-cost shower room And threaten people’s personal and property safety.

High-quality shower room with at least two conditions to meet the glass. First, the quality of the original glass. Second, steel and other treatment process science. At present, the original glass used in Dengyu shower is the best in China, to meet the European EN12150 standard Shenzhen CSG (Audi, Honda and other car manufacturers to use automotive grade glass), the technical treatment is the use of the most advanced German deep processing and Finland Of the steel, homogeneous mode of operation. Congenital “good gene” plus the day after the “scientific training”, Deng Yu shower room with the tempered glass bending performance is 3-5 times the ordinary tempered glass, the impact strength of ordinary tempered glass is 5 – 10 times, The minimum number of fragments in any 50 * 50mm area is about 50-70 (the standard is more than 40). The overall performance of a balanced, lasting, and fully ensure the safety of your use.

As the tempered glass without any external impact in the case of their own possession of about three thousandth of the blasting rate, therefore, the performance of tempered glass determines the use of the shower room safe. In addition to some undocumented cottage factory products without safety and reliability, the domestic some shower room brand manufacturers also helpless in their own existing technical strength of the shackles, had to use in the shower room posted explosion-proof membrane and other traditional way to make up Sexual prevention. Safety is more important than Taishan, no security, how to talk about the quality of life? As a leader in the development trend of China’s shower industry, Deng Yu through a huge R & D investment and years of experiment, and finally revolutionary developed with PVB laminated layer of tempered glass, this tempered glass even by their own or by the external strong impact And fragmentation, the fragmentation of the particles will be firmly attached to the PVB folder layer, will not be scattered around. Dengyu this breakthrough technology market, making the shower industry for many years the problem is the end of the problem.

In addition, Deng Yu is also based on the principle of self-cleaning lotus leaf, learn from the German submarine glass Yi Jie technology, in 2010 in China launched the first Yi Jie shower room (EC), the shower room tempered glass EC easy to clean Tempered glass of the water-repellent greatly strong, long-lasting to keep bright, clean, more inhibit the breeding of bacteria, greatly reducing the shower room clean labor frequency and strength, but also to ensure that the family health, Deng Yu has been committed to easy to clean technology Into industry standards, including easy-to-use (EC) core technology and industry sharing. At present, this technology has been widely promoted in the industry, many shower enterprises have learned Deng Yu have launched their own easy to clean shower, ultra-clean shower, nano-shower room, and so on.

2, aluminum
The aluminum used in the shower room has a very strict standard and requirement for its own hardness, strength and life due to the enormous weight of the tempered glass and metal fittings.

DabblGlass Shower Enclosures used 12 – 14 degrees aluminum and copper content and purity than the average brand 10% to 20%, aluminum wall thickness design are between 1.2-3.5mm, special parts and even up to 5mm or more. Oxygen discoloration experiments with domestic similar products show that Dengyu used aluminum evolved more than 1-5 kinds of colors, anodized after treatment more beautiful color, and can maintain a lasting surface gloss. After 24 hours salt spray test shows that its corrosion resistance, toughness is more excellent, the overall load-bearing capacity is stronger, long-lasting solid type.