How to chose shower enclosure

Dabbl shower room is the door you expect, focusing on high-end customization. No matter what kind of bathroom structure your home is, it can provide a perfectly adapted installation solution. There are many styles for you to choose.

A-shaped shower room

Applicable families: long and narrow bathroom space, the shower area just occupies a wall or corner, almost half of the families will choose this model, the price is relatively affordable, no need to add a chassis, just add a water retaining bar.

1Dry and wet separation

The one-line design is suitable for most apartment types, and the reasonable layout saves space. The automobile-grade tempered glass is safe and easy to clean, and the first-grade waterproof and damp say goodbye~

2Simple and beautiful

The simple appearance is very high-end, no screw is exposed, and the thick stainless steel curved handle is an expression of minimalism and high-end quality. ~

3Safe and practical

The anti-derailment pulley is firm and durable, the double doors move each other without leaving a sanitary dead corner, and it can also reduce noise and cushion when pushing and pulling, and enjoy a comfortable and dry bathing space in one opening and one closing.

Fan-shaped shower room

Applicable to the family: This style of shower room is fashionable and changeable, and the area can be large or small, suitable for bathrooms in different spaces. Owners who choose it are equipped with a chassis, which looks more integrated

1Pleasant appearance

The fusion of square and circle is a must, created for individuality and born for nobility. The stainless steel center column is tough and strong, with strong bearing capacity.

2Smooth push and pull

The thick stainless steel frame and the precision-cast head strip handle are not as exquisite as the powerful ones. The curved narrow track and the hidden lower track pulley run smoothly and smoothly.

3Not leaking

High-quality adhesive strips lock in water droplets layer by layer. Introducing the diversion concept, the water is smooth and does not accumulate, easy to clean and worry-free.

Square shower room

Applicable families: families with square bathroom area and large enough space. It has ample internal space, does not affect normal bathing, and is more convenient to clean than other styles.

1Simple and stylish

Fashionable classic design, beautiful handle, well-proportioned streamline, natural beauty, made of 304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting luster.

2Solid structure

Ultra-narrow stainless steel wall clip, embedded design balances the strength, effectively adjusts the verticality of the glass, realizes seamless contact between the glass and the wall material, and has a stable structure and ultra-safe.

3Follow the heart

The door opening design that integrates inside and outside, opening and closing smoothly, transparent and wide, adapts to the natural shape of the human body, opens and closes without a sense of pause, and enjoys the care like a whisper

Diamond shower room

Applicable family: If the bathroom area is not large, you can choose a diamond-shaped shower room. It just occupies a corner of the wall, and its design allows people to use it comfortably inside, and it is also convenient to leave a passage for external space.

1Exquisite and chic

Enjoy the tranquility of life in fashion, the exquisite and unique appearance, in the simple fashion contains exquisiteness and good taste.

2Exquisite and chic

Enjoy the tranquility of life in fashion. The exquisite and unique appearance is simple, firm and safe. The anti-falling hinge is used to restore the traditional construction technology, and it can be opened and closed at will, and it is as stable as a rock; the ergonomic handle makes the grip comfortable, and push and pull are more labor-saving.

3Easy Clean

Equipped with edible water-retaining strips, it can effectively prevent water droplets from flowing out, and the water can flow smoothly without water accumulation, easy to clean and worry-free, effectively preventing water droplets from flowing out, and truly separate dry and wet.

With the finishing touch of the shower room, your bathroom will certainly be able to glow with a different brilliance. Maybe life is very ordinary, but Dengyu can always surprise you.