DABBL focuses on quality and gives you a relieved home.

Shower Enclosure

With the coming of the “International Consumer Rights Day,” all departments have spared no effort to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. As for the 14-year-old DABBL, which focuses on the shower room, with the quality as the core, adhering to the concept of “leading quality, service first”, fully engaged in this quality war.

First, Quality First, Endless Striving for Excellence

There are a group of DABBL employees who have the spirit of artisans. They have devoted decades of concentration and have persisted after many failures, and strive to increase the quality from 99% to 99.99%.A high-quality shower room has been created for millions of families, only to protect you and give you a warm and comfortable home.

Second, Service Leadership, Word of Mouth Excellence

In today’s society, corporate reputation is particularly important. Everyone is willing to choose good reputation brands, good word of mouth, indicating that the quality of brand products is good.

A good service can increase the potential value of a product. At the same time, a good service can also leave a deep impression on the customer and bring word-of-mouth and return rates.

DABBL has always attached importance to service quality, insisted on serving every consumer, and put the service into detail.

Third, Advanced Technology, Independent Innovation

The company introduced advanced equipment and technology from Germany while absorbing the production and management experience of its international counterparts. In the years of steady development and innovation, DABBL shower room already has a number of independent intellectual property and technology patents, has become a powerful shower room supplier.

Fourth, Integrity Management, Genuine Goods at a Fair Price

The ancient saying goes: “For those who are old for wood, they must be solid; if they want to be far away, they must confess its source.”A modern enterprise must achieve real long-term stability, sustainable development, and continuous increase in value. Integrity management is the key and the cornerstone. The DABBL shower room has always been based on the principle of “Honest Business Conduct, Win-Win Together” to serve its customers with heart.DABBL shower room will maintain the “quality first” in the future, but will also advance with the times, continuous innovation and breakthroughs, leading the industry trend. DABBL shower room, with a guardian-class guardian, gives you a peace of mind home.