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People can choose to travel around because of the plane and the network, but the idea of returning home is like a shadow beside when stepping out of the house. Whether it is poetic inhabitation, or the heart that is striving for it, we have numerous ideas and plans for “home”. The bathroom, one can let a person most comfortable relax, wash a day tired and impetuous harbor, DABBL shower enclosure — fashionable safety, all the only for your “bath”.


DABBL DBA Fantasy series

  • Imported 304 stainless steel, 8k mirror effect.

“Heart to heart shower enclosure”, comfortable and worriless

The most heart to heart service, DABBL provide you with three free experiences, free from your worries.


Time-saving and worriless

  1. Free on-site measurement, free design, free distribution and installation;
  2. Time-saving and worriless hotline number:400-098-2099。

“Leading” non-standard custom service, use the most reasonable space to build the most beautiful and comfortable shower space, meet the requirement of different architectural environment, and customers most satisfied shower room, to create a “beloved” space.

New quiet structure design, with the latest technology hinge, with high quality hardware materials, exclusive a quiet mode, intimate create of “quietest ” experience.

Millions level of auto-grade explosion-proof tempered glass, uniform tempering, 9H++ high hardness of the anti-explosion film, ensure safe and secure, provide “strongest “guarantee.

A sweet home,

Not just textured,

More needs of comfortable.

A heart to heart bathroom,

Not just fashion,

More needs of safe.

Whether the quiet of a person alone ,

Or the comfort of two companions.

Whether the warmth of a family of three,

Or the bustle of the family of four.

DABBL shower enclosure,

All take good care of!

Foshan DABBL sanitary ware co., LTD, is a manufacturer of production and sales,

independent design and development as one of the large-scale modern bathroom enterprises. Patent production, sales of Nano easy clean shower enclosure, homogeneous tempered glass shower enclosure, explosion-proof shower enclosure.

Franchise hotline: 400-098-2099. Global Shower enclosure Manufacturing specialists