DABBL New Shower Enclosure | Inside and outside open close, follow the heart place bath

Gold 9 silver 10 autumn is the busy season that household decorates commonly. The weather gradually cool up, but the family decoration began to heat up and when it comes to decoration, it may be said that opinions vary.

From decorate a style to say, somebody pursues classic, somebody likes vogue, somebody advocates costly, somebody prefers contracted. Different styles reflect different family temperament.After decorating a style to decide, choose soft outfit part namely, the commodity of full of beautiful things in eyes always has a few kinds to be able to hit your heart. Ascend Dabbl  shower room TK series, a joker shower room can really save a lot of worry .

Shower Doors

DABBL shower enclosure TK-H131 series through the clean lines and strong visual impact to create personalized art shower room, reject all the redundant design, become the brand.

Individual character modelling, safe and stable

Look from the appearance, have individual character extremely fine and contracted embedded whole stainless steel door frame, modelling is unique and vivid, firm and steady.

8 mm tempered glass, BMW grade tempered glass to see through the safety and beauty, to ensure the security and grade of Dabbl shower room.

Joker fashion, inside and outside open and close

DABBL Shower Room tk-h131 diamond door design, simple small shaft door · cabinet and exquisite, can be realized at the same time inside and outside open, inside or outside open heart bath.It is to save space, joker fashionable shower room design first selection.

Buffer magnetic strip suction, open and close the door without vibration, gentle no sound, give you a gentle delicate touch and hearing enjoyment.

The earth and sky axis is designed to rotate freely without falling

Contracted and not simple condense the originality of stylist, use door of revolving shaft of heaven and earth, rotate fluent never fall, rotate the space of automatic positioning, switch after the Angle that needs to you is outsized.

Unique hollow-out butt-joint handle, unique and novel shape will be born tender, elegant;Make integral space becomes fashionable and have reiki.

Waterproofing is impeccable

The waterproof property of a shower room is very important, TK series is done very carefully on waterproof detail, use bilateral waterproof adhesive strip, safeguard shower room is drip watertight.

Extremely simple perfect joker fashion, simple, elegant and smooth lines, draw the outline of the atmosphere, fashion.Close to it, you will find every detail, there are brilliant points, seemingly casual edges and corners outline, contain wisdom and mind.

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