DABBL Panoramic Door | Large vision that creates a transparent fashion space

Simplify the design by cutting out the superfluous that gives the imagination of infinite space. A narrow frame door with attitude to create a broader sense of vision. It also has excellent sound insulation, water tightness and safety performance. Beauty and strength coexist to give you a full experience.

Dabbl panoramic door is also widely used. The living room partition, kitchen partition, study partition and even the whole room partition door can be customized.

The Living room usually gives a person the most important and overall impression, and to be able to divide the living room function and dining room function. So in this space, it is generally suitable to select some partition doors with strong artistic sense, and select FY-Q-C744 elegant black interactive push-pull panoramic door, which is a good choice. It not only has the function of partition, panoramic view, expanding the visual sense of indoor space, but also can form a beautiful scenery line visually.

The transparent design of Dabbl FY-Q-H731 two solid and one movable glass sliding door keeps the kitchen space apart, which is more open and transparent in space vision. The open and interactive design reduces the loneliness when preparing meals alone in the kitchen. At the same time, the separation of the kitchen and the dining room effectively insulates the lampblack and keeps the dining environment clean and tidy.

Now many people will also plan a leisure area at home, and put the projector, fitness equipment and other leisure equipment in this area, so as to better achieve functional zoning.

To select FY-Q-C732 partition door to keep the overall style of public space unified, but also to create a broader sense of space visually.

Study is a place for work and study. Both adults and children need to do daily activities in the study. To match with the Dabbl FY-Q-H721 one solid one living high partition door, with the elegant atmosphere created by the study. The tan glass reduces the light input to a certain extent, and the lighting is more scientific.

The bathroom is more private than the bedroom. It’s also the place we have to go every day. Toileting, washing and bathing should be carried out in this small space.

Dabbl FY-Q-H711 swing door, with vertical frames on both sides, can effectively adjust the verticality of the wall. The symmetrical appearance, solid and stable overall structure, giving you the safest care.