Dabbl shower door

From the aviation aluminum texture, modern and simple never out of date

The beginning and the end of the day,

Morning, night, all happen here,

Bathroom space through a delicate interpretation of the needs of human habitation,

Refactor everyday scenes.

A breeze, a ray of sunshine,

The integration of nature and space adds a more comfortable and comfortable atmosphere.

A door can amaze a home



Aviation grade aluminum

Silica-titanium-magnesium alloy

As the name implies, silicon titanium magnesium aluminum alloy is added silicon and magnesium elements in aluminum, which not only ensures the flexibility of aluminum alloy, but also greatly improves the hardness, strength, corrosion degree and other properties of profiles



Very narrow margin

The narrow border is graceful

66mm door frame, 16mm fan frame very narrow frame design, spacious and transparent space vision, reduce the sense of oppression, improve lighting;  Simple but not simple design style, to achieve no smooth line visual effect.



Various border styles

More options to meet demand

It can realize two kinds of frame styles, single edge and double edge, to meet the needs of customers with different opening ways.




Magnetic suction mute lock handle

Simpler design is more comfortable

The use of fashion best handle, neat and graceful, comfortable grip, fully with the narrow door to match each other, foil each other, take care of each other.



Hidden earth and earth axis

Concealed and simple

The door adopts hidden earth and earth rotating shaft, and the line of sight can not see the rotating shaft when the door is closed, so as to show the simple visual effect.  At the same time, the rotating shaft adopts 304 stainless steel bearing shaft structure, pushing and pulling is very light, smooth and quiet.


Porcelain swimming processing technology

Enjoy bath by craft

Porceladon swimming process extinction and non-reflective, cool black non-color, style versatile fashion and simple, anti-pollution easy to clean, scratch resistance and wear resistance, corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance, super weather resistance.



Safety anti-collision adhesive

Safety guaranteed

Food level safety anti-collision adhesive, effectively slow down the collision between profiles and profiles to protect the glass from being shaken, push and pull the strength of the heart, smooth silence.




Cloakroom open flat

Extreme simplicity, enhance the style of space

Willing to bring you comfortable feeling at home



Flat kitchen door

Super sealing, isolation lampblack

The cooking space is full of advanced feeling


Flush door of toilet

Waterproof and antibacterial, easy to take care of

Know what you need in your home


Study flat door

Strong closure, sound insulation and noise reduction

Quiet and pleasant, roam in the sea of books

It has a wider view and is pleasing to the eye