DABBL shower enclosure | How to choose the shower room that suits you

It’s already the season for long Johns for those in the north, but for those in the south, short-sleeved clothes are worn throughout the seasons. Also do not know, the cold day is approaching. It’s too cold to unbutton the clothes.

Winter showers are definitely the last thing you want to do in a day…Every time to hesitate for a long time, into the bathroom, trembling hands simply cannot open the buttons on the clothes, too cold.


Bid farewell to the cold, lock in the warmth ‘enjoy the perfect bath moment

Actually, bath itself is a thing that enjoys, why let oneself afflictive.Take advantage of cold haven’t arrived, install on the bathroom immediately a beautiful shower room, already beautiful, can keep warm again.

Dabbl shower enclosure, is what you expect the door, focus on high-end customization, no matter what kind of bathroom structure in your home, can provide a perfect fit of installation solutions, a variety of styles, you can choose. Think about what you need to solve your winter shower woes.

Various types and styles are available for your bathroom

One-line shower room

Applicable family: space of long and narrow wei yu, shower area occupies one side wall just or be in a corner, the family of nearly half can choose this almost, the price is more affordable, need not match add chassis, want to add only block water is ok.

01 dry and wet separation

One font design is applicable to most of the house, reasonable layout to save space, car grade tempered glass safe and easy to clean, water and moisture say goodbye ~


02 simple and beautiful

The simple appearance has the advanced feeling extremely, does not expose a screw, the thick stainless steel radian handle, is to the extremely simple and the quality high-end expression.

03 safe and practical

Prevent derailment pulley is firm and durable, double door moves each other does not stay wholesome dead Angle, when pushing and pulling, still can reduce noise buffer, open a close between enjoy comfortable and dry bath space.

sector  shower room

Applicable family: the shower room modeling of this kind of design is fashionable and changeful, the area can be big but small, apply between the bathroom of different space. The owner metropolis that chooses it deserves to go up chassis, look integral sex is stronger.

01 pleasing appearance level

Square and circle blend with each other can be called a unique, for personality and create, noble and born. Stainless steel column, strong, strong bearing capacity.


02 push and pull smoothly

Stainless steel thick frame, long cast head handle refined not like the real power, curved plane narrow edge track, hidden track pulley, smooth operation.

03 watertight

High quality rubber strip, layer upon layer to lock water droplets. Introduction of the concept of diversion, guide water smooth water, easy to clean without worry.

Square shower room

Applicable family: bathroom area square, space is enough big family again.It has sufficient interior space, do not affect to wash bath normally, compare other design for more convenient and clean.

01 simple fashion

Stylish and classic design, beautiful handle, symmetrical natural beauty, 304 stainless steel material, corrosion resistance, long-lasting luster.


02 stable structure

Super narrow stainless steel wall frame, embedded design balance strength, effectively adjust the vertical degree of glass, achieve seamless contact between glass and wall material, stable structure, not derailment.

03 follow your heart

The door design of internal and external unity, open and close smoothly, fully open and open, adapt to the human body natural form, open and close without feeling, enjoy quiet as whisper of care.

Diamond shower room

Applicable family: if bathroom area is not big, can choose diamond shape shower room.It just occupies a corner position, in the design can let people use inside already comfortable, convenient put apart the passageway of outer space again.

01 exquisite chic in fashion to enjoy a touch of quiet life, exquisite chic appearance modeling, in simple fashion contains exquisite and common taste.


02 firm and safe

Adopt anti-falling hinge to restore traditional construction technology, open and close at will, stable as a rock, Ergonomic handle, comfortable grasp, push and pull more labor-saving.

03 Easy clean worry-free

It is matched with edible water-retaining rubber strip, which can effectively prevent water droplets from flowing out. The water can be conducted smoothly without water accumulation, easy to clean and worry free, effectively prevent water droplets from flowing out, and truly dry and wet separation.

Had shower room this dot eyeball collocation, your bathroom can coruscate certainly different brilliance, perhaps the life is very insipid, but Dabbl can give you surprise constantly however. In this cold winter, Dabbl  is like a bosom friend who understands you, to help you isolate the cold, block the invasion of the outside world, and let your body breathe freely.

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