DABBL Shower Enclosure Fos Series D9

Shower Doors


The Fos Series D9, Frameless Hinged Shower Enclosure have rectangle shape, square shape, line-styled, quadrant shape. When you walk in our shower enclosures, you will get a different enjoyment. All our designs are simple but elegant; mix the Western and European hot elements. Dabbl also accept custom service.

Here are our features of Fos Series D9.

Fully frameless design for an open and spacious feeling. Reversible for right or left door opening installation, sliding glass shower doors for your option. Designed for corner installation against finished walls. Stainless steel handle CE and ISO9001 certified. Configuration consists of hinged panel, swing door and return panel. Professional installation recommended. D9 series applies parallel door. The top is international fashionable guide rail sliding by big roller, the bottom is stainless steel guided clamp structure, big roller is esthetic, simple and mute. The bottom applies guided clamp which is smooth, easy for cleaning and has good waterproof effect. Horizontal sliding door without bottom guide rail, which is convenient for old people and children to enter. The design is innovative, fashionable, simple and esthetic.

Our fully frameless hinged shower enclosure has an exquisite modern design and sleek lines to instantly upgrade any bathroom space with stunning looks and superior quality. The Fos Series D9 will bring a spa feel to your shower experience.

Choose Dabbl for the ultimate solution for your shower project.