Dabbl Shower Enclosure launched Janmei VS(Kate) series

VS series

Dabbl Shower Enclosure launched Janmei VS(Kate) series showerenclosure. Refined and restrained, luxurious and do not break inside collect, on the good if water redefines the style of Jane American bathroom




The main inspiration comes from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s architectural design philosophy of “less is more”, which simplifies the complex lines into simple straight lines and curves to make the space more flexible and   interesting.




S (Kate) shower enclosure handle slim and slender, highlighting the soft lines. When the water drops fall, immediately give birth to the “rain hit green tiles” like the artistic conception of ancient simplicity.

SUS304 stainless steel integral tie rod, stable and safe

Flat structure hinge, hidden screw; Smooth and beautiful, can not see the screw;

SUS304 stainless steel forging, using PA66 anti-falling structure, bearing capacity is stronger;


Stainless steel precision magnetic suction strip, pure minimalist lines,

Exquisite bending process, hide adhesive strip, refuse to mildew.


Advanced is never heavy and complicated, contracted also is never onefold. Elegant black, mirror light, gold custom, play the shower fashion pioneer, so that the space contains a unique artistic charm, at the same time endowed with more personality expression, classic fashion, light luxury elegance, simple luxury

elegance, simple luxury nobility.


Here, art and function coexist, comfortable and warm, simple atmosphere, the interpretation of the owners of the pursuit of the taste of beauty. The emotional appeal of the space is accompanied by light and shadow and happen, life is also the same. Stylist is willing to gift space more temporal and spatial change, the essence that maximal ground draws nature.