Dabbl shower enclosure

The house is expensive but the life is beautiful

There is no more beautiful romance in the world that two books ,a beautiful view of bathroom and an afternoon

The bathroom of new era besides basic function. It still became the scenery that can adorn a life in the home.

What do you want to have a bathroom with a good appearance and full of style ?

FK Yuerong Series

With concise and modern design style, it combined with exquisite technology to meet people’s practical and beautiful needs.

Dabbl shower enclosure brings you the experience of comfortable shower life. Enjoy leisure time and make you desire unlimited.


Level of appearance

Atmosphere simple taste extraordinary

Its atmosphere is contracted, have line feeling extremely, it is joker and the shower room of tall appearance level. The thickened high quality aluminum alloy profile, stainless steel column, frame support hard and firm, strong tensile yield.

All stainless steel handle looks simple and elegant . It uses minimalist lines to outline the attitude of enjoying life. Every shower is a visual treat.

Connotation | water seepage rejection achievement non – standard

Dabbl shower enclosure will dry and wet separation did acme from effectively block water, to prevent water splash in all directions, The bottom adopts the integral block bottom material design, eliminates any possibility of splashing water.

Escort your every bath and ease your daily cleaning.

Door glass docking special magnetic water baffle strip, the buffer design to slow down the door closed instant two-way impact that it reduces accidents more protect you.


Details | craftsmanship care

The FK• Yuerong series of Dabbl shower enclosure. Its every detail gives you intimate care.

The shower enclosure as a whole is made of toughened glass with permeable 3C attached with explosion-proof membrane. The glass is mainly made of EC, which is easy to clean and leave no stain.

It with 304 stainless steel column design that has the strong bearing capacity.


The bearing-level inner structure of stainless steel pulleys, each group can carry 100KG, ultra-stable, so that the opening and closing door is smoother and quieter.

The narrow side track of cambered surface is smooth and stable;

Track with no gap and no derailment design that impact will not be tilted off the rails.

New type anti-collision block that means high quality buffer capsule, less impact noise.


The FK Yuerong series of Dabbl shower enclosure is a shower enclosure that has development and connotation extremely


It carefully selects every inch of material and carefully considers the design,

Every detail shows the pursuit of the ultimate elegant life. more information visit here https://www.dabbl.de/