Dabbl Shower Enclosures Achievements Safe High-end Fashion Shower Room Brand

Shower Enclosures

In recent years shower room is in the speed of development. Now into the building materials market, we can clearly see the various shower room brand stores. Today, the shower industry has become increasingly mature, many shower room brands are moving in the standardization of development. However, the industry also has some shortcomings. Shower room blew problem has been a lot of shower doors brand problems. In this regard, Dabbl shower doors to strengthen their own brand building, relying on innovative research and development of each set of products, will be safe, fashion design into the shower enclosures products, build industry leading brand.

So, what is the advantage of Dabbl shower room?

Firstly, the shower industry leader and benchmarking brand. Consumers are most trusted shower doors brand, is the first shower room industry launched nano-easy shower room, homogeneous tempered shower glass shower room pioneer.

Secondly, in the explosion. The Dabbl shower room in addition to the shower room affixed to the explosion-proof membrane, while the use of homogeneous tempered glass, glass stability greatly increased to ensure that the shower screens burst rate are close to zero, this research and development has been to the shower room industry to bring revolutionary changes, and is the only one with this technology shower room factory.

Thirdly, the process. As the consumer’s favorite shower room brand, Dabbl shower room using the EU’s most stringent standards, and a number of European research institutions, regular communication with foreign designers to create the world’s top quality shower room.

Fourthly, marketing. Dabbl shower room in order to further open the market and enhance the brand image has been brand upgrades this year, VI will be a new image to show to consumers.

As Chinese famous shower room brand enterprises, Dabbl shower doors brand reputation at home and abroad, professional installation services team, professional technical reporting team, professional after-sales service, three special three groups of services for consumers to provide high-quality Product quality, creating Dabbl corner, quadrant, walk in, frameless, glass shower enclosures high-quality pursuit, but also the achievements of the Dabbl industry leading brand.