Dabbl shower room brand design of your guests to make your shower experience more secure easy to clean

Corner Shower EnclsouresWith the development of the shower room industry, shower room design trend of human nature, many shower room brands are explosion-proof, easy to clean and so on the main production shower room, the purpose is that consumers with the rest assured, wash peace of mind. And Dabbl shower room to make these advantages into one, to build a safe and easy to clean shower room.

Everyone has this experience, the shower room used for a long time, bathing out of the soapy water will be in the tempered glass panel on the formation of stains, need regular cleaning; and
If a long time is not clean, this layer of stains will be like fossils, white layer of sticky on the glass, it is very troublesome to deal with.

This is the case because the untreated ordinary tempered glass surface will accumulate energy, the formation of energy surface, which will be tightly adsorbed water droplets
Glass surface, it is difficult to fall off. And Dengyu nano-shower room is easy to clean technology, the shower room of the glass processing, the glass surface energy down to very low
Like water droplets roll on the lotus leaves, falling on the glass of water due to the tension of the water itself was spherical, easy to roll, which makes the glass panel is very easy to clean.
Shower room glass will blew? Yes, the current shower room is made of tempered glass, it exists about 3% of the possibility of blasting. Just a while ago,
Zhongshan, a well-known shower room brand glass burst, causing consumers to hurt.

Dengyu shower staff said that the shower room burst events rarely occur, many people do not care, but it is the possibility of burst exists, especially winter
Day shower, the shower room glass panel suddenly by the cold heat, this temperature change is likely to make it burst in an instant, resulting in the whole piece of glass falling hurt.