Dabbl shower room is expensive, but not unreasonable

Shower Room

Hermes president Brown Carter said that for the origin of loyalty and persistence, is the irreplaceable element of the achievements of luxury, is the French manufacturing and handmade achievements Hermes, and all the luxury is the time of luxury”

Similarly, in the global manufacturing center of Foshan, Guangdong, China. Dabbl shower room depends on the superb manufacturing process, harsh quality control system, better material, to create a  shower room industry, “Hermes”, won the praise of users around the world.

There are consumers to Dabbl message: some said to use Dabbl shower room has a sense of space and time   in a light space, transparent and comfortable, even when the shower splashing inside, also leaked outside, and some said Dabbl shower room washed clean up Very convenient, and some say that their home shower room with 9 years, still running well.

In fact,  Dabbl shower room is very strict  on the quality of the demanding, first of all carefully selected raw materials, glass using automotive grade rigid glass, tempered glass broken 5 * 5cm within the number of particles in the strict requirements of 80-100, Aluminum material requirements 6463T5 aluminum rods, all the screws required is 304 stainless steel, all pulley bearings with 440 stainless steel, the company uses ISO9001 international quality management system to control product quality, inspection standards using the EU CE standard, 2015, the largest in Asia Full shower room testing center was established.

The stringent requirements of the product make Dabbl shower room to win the hearts of the majority of users, so this kind of Dabbl shower room, of course, you will not feel expensive! What do you think?