Dabbl shower room meet Beijing huaxia exposition

Warmly congratulate Dabbl Sanitary Ware Company to participate in the Beijing Huaxia Expo to be a complete success.
For building decoration Home Furnishing user tailored high-quality procurement fair in from February 24, 2017 to February 26 in Beijing held a grand exhibition hall.Foshan dabbl Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Dabbl shower room) as invited to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition provides one-stop service for the sanitary ware industry and solutions, to consolidate the existing cooperation relations, and to explore a large number of potential customers, laid the foundation for market development.
The exhibition’s strong lineup shows the momentum of Dabbl

The exhibition lineup expanded, more than 10 new products, tens of thousands of professional spectators, 100 square meters of display area, not only supporting the development of the board, but also show the boom in the shower room industry booming momentum.Shower room industry development momentum is swift and violent, at the same time, the market competition situation is unusually fierce, many emerging brands quietly rise.How to use personalized service and marketing skills, occupy the initiative in the smoke of war in the battle for market competition, to gain advantages, is a shower room enterprises are deeply thinking about the problem.

Cohesion of actual combat wisdom to lead the bathroom industry
DABBL insight into the current domestic shower room monopoly market status, to take this professional platform to the domestic and regional sanitary industry, showing the domestic lead the individual needs and industrial production of contradictions solution.At the exhibition, the staff gathered practical wisdom, and explained the personalized needs of the consumer groups, which brought inspiration for the shower room enterprises to overcome their own management bottlenecks and get faster development.

The scene of the exhibition is hot and the good news has been reported
Lasted 3 days (February 24-26) exhibition, Dabbl attracted numerous exhibitors, shower room and staff with full enthusiasm, all the time patiently communication with exhibitors, exhibits the features and advantages in Dabbl staff excellent speech and presentation of the show was very good, to the professional visitors and exhibitors at the meeting to understand product has, after all showed strong cooperation intention, only just three days time, Dabbl live successfully signed 863 list.”We are very satisfied with the process and the results of this exhibition, so that we can get to thousands of people,” said the head of the market in Dabbl. In the shower room industry of the day, grasp the demand is to grasp tomorrow.With a more mature and professional attitude, Dabbl will provide professional, honest and effective personalized service for the bathroom industry, which will contribute to the prosperity and development of the shower industry.