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Winter is the best season for slowing everything down,

Slowly put down the hurrying steps,

Give yourself time to think,

Sometimes allow yourself a short hibernation period

It’s a sign of taking life seriously.

The shower room is decorated to its own ideal,

Doors, of course, must

So how should the door of toilet choose?

01  Sliding door is optional for large family type

Generally speaking, if door model condition allows, toilet installs sliding door, large area glass door foil gives costly and high-end gas field very well, let a space go up class more atmosphere

If concern glass is too transparent, can choose the profile of glass craft such as frothing, changhong glass, increase secrecy while, still can let toilet more previous light.

02 small apartment for flat door

By the limitation of doorway, the door of toilet of small family model still installs flat to open a door the most convenient save trouble.In this small make up the first Dabbl FY-Q-H711 open panoramic door, an application in kitchen, study space web celebrity door.

Dabbl FY-Q-H711 open panoramic door, choose 8mm gray glass, aviation grade original ecological magnesium aluminum alloy material, high strength, safety transparent also durable ~ frame with the narrowest design, minimalist style into the modern home design.

Door lock and handle and door fittings are integral and unified in an organic whole, satisfy fashionable and beautiful and practical experience that occupy the home from detail.

If need a quiet space that has privacy, can choose to have artistic feeling changhong glass extremely, prevent indoor privacy to expose through the refraction of light, can increase the brightness of the bathroom again, it is very good choice.

When the exquisite bathroom is decorated with high-quality Dabbl panoramic doors, everything becomes harmonious and natural.Your ideal bathroom life, please give Dabbl  to guard.

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