Dabbl Shower VS Series|New Products

C-bit debut! Stylish and textured bathroom, fall in love at a glance
Dabbl shower room new product VS series
Fashion and quality, stable appearance
Fall in love at a glance, C debut
Officially open the market

Design inspiration
Make art with extremely narrow
Adhering to the design concept of “less is more”
Immerse yourself in the ocean of fashion
Everything is art

VS abandon redundant decoration
The dazzling texture of pure stainless steel interpretation,
Make full use of your true colors;
Freely extending lines,
Or gentle or tough, full of change,
Wisdom and dexterity without losing a calm atmosphere

Scandinavian design with narrow sides
Dabbl VS is not stingy in aesthetics,
Inherit the Nordic minimalist design,
Restore the pursuit of beauty.
20mm can do craftsmanship,
No more than 1mm.
On the premise of ensuring safety,
Narrow the border line, the whole is more transparent,
Concise, majestic, beauty and comfort everywhere you look!

Integrated mechanical tie rod, stable support
Equipped with 304 stainless steel integrated seamless welding rod,
Super mechanical fence design,
Enhance stability.
Glass clamping lock glass;
It is not easy to fall and has a long service life;
Safe and stable.

Very narrow stainless steel exquisite profile
304 stainless steel wall-to-wall profile,
Enhance the ability to bear weight,
Safe and stable.

Simple L-shaped thin handle
VS comes standard with “minimalist L-shaped thin handle”,
It complements the extremely narrow side design,
The space looks clean and tidy,
Smart and comfortable, simple and quiet,
Can place daily toiletries,
Uniform force, comfortable grip,
The nuances are thoughtful about you and your family
Use experience.

Thin hinges, simple but powerful
Dengyu shower room patent PA66 anti-drop hinge,
Simple but qualitative appearance,
The perfect combination of hinge and glass,
Selected SUS304 stainless steel material,
A single hinge can bear more than 100KG,
Keep the bearing in perfect condition all the time,
Maximize the performance of the swing door system,
The door opens extremely smoothly and steadily without shaking.

Stainless steel magnetic strip design,
Restoring a quiet space
It adopts a stainless steel magnetic strip structure,
Stainless steel magnet instead of traditional rubber strip
Extended service life,
Avoid yellowing and moldy traditional adhesive strips;
While achieving effective protection,
Make the door open more smoothly and silently.
Every time the door is opened, it seems to be isolated
All the noise and noise,
Let you release your tired soul in a quiet space.

Clever design, no screw can be seen
Each hinge, wall clip
All have hidden screw structure,
The whole is coherent, giving you a comfortable visual experience,
Dust-proof and rust-proof, clean and worry-free,
Let you enjoy the bath time!