Difference between Frameless Showers, Framed Showers & Semi-Frameless Showers

Frameless Shower Enclosure

There are many choices to make when remodeling your master bathroom, one of which is the type of shower you want to install. Before jumping in with both feet, it is important to research your options, including frameless, framed and semi-frameless shower enclosures.

While both frameless and semi-frameless showers are beautiful and popular options for your bathroom, there are few particulars to consider before making decisions. Frameless showers are comprised of a tempered glass that is between three-eighths to one half of an inch thick. The heavier weight and sturdiness of the glass helps eliminate the need for heavy metal framing around it. Instead, the structure is held together by metal fasteners and hinges. Frameless is a great option for displaying beautiful tile work. It also provides an open and airy feel.

On the opposite is framed shower enclosure. With a fully framed shower, the glass thickness is between three-sixteenths and one-fourth of an inch. Because the glass is thinner, it need more support than just metal brackets and hinges.

Perhaps the happy medium is the semi-frameless shower option. Semi-frameless shower enclosures tend to have a slightly thicker glass and more noticeable frame, but it largely allows an unobstructed view of the tile and interior of the shower.