Folding Shower Screens: How to make the most of limited bathroom space

Folding Shower  Screen

There are many different reasons for choosing one shower enclosure over another, a few of which include the material, thickness, profile or its enclosure. However, there is one crucially important reason: the way of opening the enclosure. We’ll tell you the advantages of choosing a folding screen or a walk-in enclosure. Now is the time for folding screens, in which screens are divided into two doors secured by an axle, in a system similar to the one used for the doors on old telephone booths.
Advantages and disadvantages of folding shower screens
Although this is not the opening method usually chosen for shower enclosures, it is certainly becoming more fashionable, not only because of its uniqueness but because it makes the best use of bathroom space. With a housing boom in the big city meaning that space is limited to very few square metres, optimizing and visually expanding bathroom space is becoming an essential practice. With a folding shower screen, an entrance space is made in the shower without taking up any extra space; they are therefore mainly installed in very small spaces.
In this regard, it should be noted that folding shower screens are also perfect for small shower trays, where a maximum entrance space is needed. When folded, the screen does not take up much space either inside or outside the shower, but is set aside in a small space in the shower.
In addition, it is necessary to underline how folding shower systems for contemporary bathrooms have evolved. There are now models of folding screen with doors that fold inwards or outwards, and which also fold both left and right.

It must be noted that a small disadvantage of this type of shower screen is that it needs more profiling than others meaning that its maintenance and cleaning is slightly more difficult.