Global information: Bathroom Industry Internationalization, Opportunities and Challenges Coexist

Over the past thirty years, China has developed into the world’s largest producer, exporter and consumer of sanitary ware. According to Chinese report, the Chinese sanitary ware market reached to169 billion CNY in year 2017. At present, China is already the world’s largest market for sanitary ware products, accounting for more than 37% of the value of ceramic sanitary products. In the 30 years of bonus era, the market size of Chinese sanitary ware industry has exceeded to 300 billion CNY. And this value will increase substantially: in the “new type of urbanization”, “well-off society in 2020 purpose”, and “toilet revolution” and other unveil policy objective and the deepening of Chinese urban construction, the Chinese sanitary ware consumer market will face bigger opportunities.


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Take shower enclosure as an example, shower enclosure product is popular in recent years, enter to more and more family. Whether luxurious suite, five-star hotel or common apartment, civilian family. Shower enclosure products are increasing at an average rate of 20% to 25%. This gives the shower enclosure market a lot of space. According to the statistics, the existing real estate projects in the bathroom accessories, as well as new star hotels, shower enclosure products accounted for more than 80%.

Chinese sanitary ware industry scale and market growth get global attention, but also suffered from foreign brands’ attacks: it is took a fancy to the growth potential of sanitary ware market, foreign brands have been stepping up its marketing and promotion in China. Represented by kohler of U.S. brands and represented by TOTO of Japanese brands into the Chinese market early, Therefore they snatched the advantage of the market. The brands has been not only transport their products and to be sold in China, also invest factory in China, realize the production and marketing localization, in order to reduce the threat from the Chinese low production costs on it.


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