How much is the shower room?

Bathroom shower room has become an integral part of, many people will choose the shower room instead of bath in the decoration of the time, and the shower room, how much money a lot to install shower room should focus on friends. On the day of soaring prices, many people don’t know much about the price of shower rooms. In fact, how much is the shower room, the square is the impact of many factors.
material quality
Simple shower room is a separate bath space, living in it as the world and the isolation of the general. Shower room how much money one of the factors that affect the material. The main material of the simple shower room is tempered glass and aluminum alloy. Normally, the fence of the shower room is made of aluminum alloy. If it is like glass material can also be made of glass fence.Relatively speaking, the aluminum alloy fence is more assured in quality. If you want to avoid rusting the aluminum alloy, then you can spray some of the plastic surface of the fence. If it is transparent tempered glass, then you can choose frosted tempered glass. The way of protection can be chosen according to their own preferences.
The shower door is also an important factor in deciding how much the shower room is. Usually, the sliding door type shower room is cheaper than open type. There are two reasons: first, if the push and pull bath door is frequently pulled, the pulley will appear the problem of wear and aging. Two push pull type bath door, focusing on practicality, and open bathroom door is more decorative, belong to the popular style. Therefore, although the open shower room price is relatively high, but the purchase is not a small number of people.
Today’s simple shower room in addition to the quality of reliable, but also toward a high-tech era of intelligence. The price of simple shower room is higher than the average price of shower house. The main reason is that the simple shower room is an intelligent shower room. From the door panel, it is fashionable sliding door style, there is a switch on the handle of the door, just need a little bit, can be left and right apart.In addition, there is a smart shower room with a remote control. Whether it is in the housing of which position, just click the remote control, you can open the door. Moreover, the shower room also installed a high intelligent computer control. Second, the shower switch there are a variety of models. Also equipped with back massage equipment, music, lighting and so on.For the shower room how much money a square of pricing, in addition to the brand also need to refer to other factors. Only a comprehensive consideration of a number of aspects, can get the shower room how much money a correct answer.