How to Choose a Shower Cubicle

Shower Cubicles

Millions of Brits love to start the day with a shower – a recent survey found that on average we take over 200 showers a year compared to just 4 baths! For many households, a practical and comfortable showering space is a must-have feature so we’ve compiled this handy

buyer’s guide to help you create the perfect shower enclosures.

Count the Walls

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house so good planning is essential to make the most of your space. Look at the layout of your sanitary ware, windows and other obstacles to assess which walls you can utilize to form the basis of your enclosure. One factor to consider is that it’s easier to install shower pipes into a stud wall rather than a brick wall.

RECESSED 3 Walls Needed

If you’ve three walls that are close together you can opt for a recessed installation which simply involves installing a shower door straight across the front to create the enclosure.

There are many types of shower doors in the market which have different pros and cons.

 Hinged: The popular style of door has hinges at one side and opens fully into the

bathroom which means it needs more space in front of the cubicle than other styles.

 Pivot & In-Swing: Both these doors feature a pivot mechanism that makes them

recede slightly into the cubicle as they open so that less of the door emerges out into

the room. As less floor-space is needed to open the door that a hinged version it

makes a better choice for smaller spaces.

 Sliding: A sliding shower door glides to one side on rollers and is another space-saving

option as it does not impact on the room itself hen opened. However sliding doors

are only manufactured for larger space, to ensure the opening is wide enough for

comfortable access so it’s unsuitable for recesses that are less than a metre wide.

CORNER – 2 Walls Needed

All the shower doors listed above will have optional side panels that convert them into a

corner shower enclosure.

 Quadrant: A quadrant cubicle has a curved front which makes it useless floor-

space than a square shape one. Offset quadrants, with one side longer than the

other, will add extra space inside your enclosure.

 Corner Entry: These square-shaped cubicles feature two sliding doors in the

corner that glide back and give access to the enclosure. This can be a better choice if

you want an 800mm cubicle rather than a quadrant as it gives a larger bathing space