How to reduce the shower room self-destruction?

Shower room self-destruction Shower Pivot Door incident occurred frequently, one after another tragedy as a consumer we feel fear, every day when the bath, always feel chilly, there is no sense of security at all. In the end how the shower room glass blew the human injury, to ensure that consumers safe shower? This is the whole shower room industry is worth pondering the problem.

Select the focus of the shower room: Huiyan knowledge of glass
Today’s shower room is mostly made of tempered glass, tempered glass sub-steel and semi-tempered glass. Although the tempered glass has a strong resistance to compression and impact resistance, but due to the inherent defects of tempered glass, with a variety of reasons, such as the shower room design is unreasonable, not through the professional installation of the installation, uneven degree of steel, glass Poor quality lead to blew, while some in the installation of the shower room can not adjust the wall error, resulting in glass distortion caused by blew, after the broken glass will be broken into the center as the center of the radiation around the sputtering open to the human and Things cause some damage.

How to damage the glass from the people to minimize the degree of damage to the use of laminated glass shower room to avoid this damage, laminated glass fragments will be tightly stick in the film, will not spill out on the human body cause harm, The damage index is reduced to zero. The earliest developed sandwich safety glass used in military space and other special environment, is now widely used in banks, cars, ships, marine aquariums and ordinary civil buildings, mainly laminated glass safety has been generally recognized, known as So far absolutely safe for the glass. The appearance of the laminated glass shower room further protects the safety of the consumer’s shower. Recently, Deli shower room to carry out the folder glass shower room popular activities, the introduction of laminated glass production line, the purpose is to give consumers a more secure shower consumption, to avoid damage caused by glass blew.

Laminated plastic tempered glass
Laminated glass, that is, between the two pieces of glass into a layer of polyvinyl butyral as the main component of the toughness is good, strong adhesion of the PVB interlayer. Even if the glass fragmentation, debris will be sticky on the film, broken glass surface remains clean and smooth, with shock, theft, bulletproof, explosion-proof performance.

Impact resistance: sandwich safety glass impact strength than the tempered glass and then more than 5 times, to drop the ball impact test method, with a maximum of 2.26kg of steel from the maximum height of 2.8m drop impact, glass Can be kept intact.

Crushing particle size: sandwich safety glass broken single or double pieces of glass fragments will be tightly adhere to the folder in the security glass in the PVB film, the whole piece of broken glass standing in place, will not move, but will not fall off On the ground, which effectively prevent the debris stabbed the body of the accident, to ensure personal safety.

Advocate a safe shower life, consumers in the purchase of the shower room, under the conditions allowed by the economy, you can choose a more secure safe shower room, laminated glass shower room can reduce the damage to zero, to ensure the safety of use Sex!