Is the bigger the family shower room the better?

Shower Doors

Shower enclosures create a private and independent space, not only to make bathroom space looks more spacious, but also play the role of dry and wet separation.
Shower rooms make the bathroom clean and tidy, but the shower room installed in the bathroom when you need to pay attention to the size of the problem. Let’s see the size of the family shower room knowledge here!

Standard size
In modern home furnishings decoration, there is usually a basic standard size range, shower room size also has a standard size range. Modern home space ceiling over 2.4 meters. Therefore, the modern shower room manufacturers will shower the standard height made of 1.95 meters or 1.9 meters. Shower enclosure size in addition to a high degree of standard, but also with the shape of the product.
One of the standard diamond-shaped shower room size standards are: 900 * 900 mm, 900 * 1200 mm, 1000 * 1000 mm, 1200 * 1200 mm.
Square shower enclosure is suitable for the larger bathroom, that allowing you to enjoy the hearty shower environment, and very easy to clean. Usually this rectangular shower room size is 800 * 1000 mm, 900 * 1000 mm, 1000 * 1000 mm three specifications. These sizes can be stretched as needed.
The standard quadrant shower enclosure sizes are: 900 * 900 mm, 900 * 1000 mm, 900 * 1200 mm, 1000 * 1000 mm, 1000 * 1300 mm, 1000 * 1100 mm, 1200 * 1200 mm.

Overall shower room size
At present shower room market mainly has three styles, diamond-shape, square and quadrant. These three forms of shower enclosure are designed to facilitate the installation of the shower room without wasting the bathroom space. This design will be the bathroom space into a whole shower room. The overall shower room needs to consider the entire bathroom space, including the toilet, bathroom cabinet, towel rack and other sanitary ware layout should be considered in order to design a reasonable bathroom space, will not affect the future use.

Minimum size
In theory, the size of the family shower room size can be unlimited size, but the actual situation is not the case. In the actual shower room design, you must take into account the layout of other sanitary ware, leaving other items to the required space. The minimum size of the shower room is also determined by the user. For the square shower enclosure, the minimum size of the shower room as long as you need, manufacturers can be customized for you. Adults use quadrant shower enclosure general size is 900 * 900 mm. If not consider the comfort, quadrant shower enclosure minimum size can be 800 * 800 mm. If it is smaller than 800 * 800 mm, it can not be used.