modern shower door design ideas by DABBL Company

Time flies
Every restless soul is long for a warm and stable home to enjoy family relationships harmory

The series of Kaidi

Enjoy the fashion and simple life
The beauty of live

It shows the elegance with modern simple design

It sets off texture with sedate modelling

Let you enjoy the comforts of home

Its minimalist narrow edge interpret modern fashion aesthetics

Each grip is comfortable and labor-saving

Hollow out type shake hands handle is unique wen wan atmosphere that makes integral space becomes fashionable and have reiki.

Fine clamps. Rock solid

Small square hanging clamps,

Lock the glass, firmly support and never fall

Build a safety barrier for you

Easy clean available

Adopt easy clean glass to prevent penetration of bottom water guide Colleague .Meanwhile it has the hidden screw design, can be dust and rust and do not accumulate dirt .No longer worry about cleaning

Narrow side flat track, is smooth and stable


Select 304 stainless steel pulley which is strong wear resistance, bearing capacity

Narrow side plane track design,

The glass door is pushed and pulled smoothly to the greatest extent.

Smooth operation quiet smooth.

300000 times of push-pull test, easy to clean and tight waterproof man-machine engineering

Enjoy all kinds of fun and Natural comfort

The simple lines are made together, but the details are not forgotten.

Fashionable and simple at a glance

Intellectual elegance, simplicity and style. more information visit our website