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Some people say that picky people are particularly annoying,
But it turns out that they are more exciting than our ordinary people.
Do not believe it? Please have a look.
Steve Jobs is very picky. His life is like a roller coaster. He has a sharp excitement of the character, filled with satisfaction and perfection of passion. His creation makes disruptive changes in the six major industries, such as personal computers, animated films, music, cell phones, tablet PCs and digital publishing.
His product picky is more like textbooks exist. He constantly on the market a lot of brand mobile phone a variety of defects, so with the emergence of iPhone iphone, from the shape of the thickness of the thickness, from each function to each icon, Steve Jobs on every detail are critical to the ultimate simplicity of the perfect. Jobs on the use of iphone and ipad experience are also very picky, even a never seen ipad 6-year-old boy under the guidance of no one can start their own procedures to play the game. In addition to these, Jobs on the product launches every process and details are very picky, in order to adjust the stage lighting to satisfactory results, a full five hours.
Jobs often warned: must not take for granted the difficulties and give up the pursuit of perfection!
Steve Jobs’s life is relatively short, no doubt his life is very exciting.
Hardware accessories: All screws are made of 304 stainless steel, all metal surface treatment each batch has been tested by smoke to ensure that the corrosion resistance of accessories compliance.
Glass: the use of high-quality float car-grade tempered glass, tempered glass broken 50mm * 50mm within the strict control in the 80-120 tablets, excellent degree of steel.
Aluminum: 6463T5 material, wall thickness of 1.2mm or more, aluminum oxide film thickness of more than 6μ
Production process: the production process in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality management system control product quality.
The product design and quality of the picky, has become a Dabbl people gene.
To the critical to their own, the wonderful shower experience left to the user is the concept of Dabbl people.