My Shower Enclosure, My Bathroom

Shower Enclosures


Nowadays, most people have more and more demands for bathroom equipment, many families expect to have a separate bathing range, but because of the restrictions, only bathing facilities and sanitary ware can be placed in a room. Each style of shower room has become increasingly popular. Not only it can easily create a private bathroom space, but also the wet and dry area can be a perfect distinction

Let’s compare with the different types of shower rooms now.

1, Boxed shower enclosures
This type of shower room is more stable, no need for frequent replacement parts. This shower room can be used in the relatively long period of time, but the style of old-fashioned, very easy to become dirty.

2, Frameless shower enclosures
Frameless shower enclosures are the more popular style in recent years. Metal devices to replace the aluminium frame, connected with the glass. The frameless glass shower doors look very simple fashion in whole and it is transparent, refreshing and more convenient cleaning. However, due to waterproof glue easy to ageing, so the need for regular replacement.

3, Custom glass shower doors
This custom shower door is based on the actual situation of the bathroom measurement and customization. The selection of materials, specifications, accessories and so on are from the user’s actual needs to adjust. Although it will take a long time, it is more suitable for custom shower room.

4, Standard shower enclosure
Standard shower enclosure is produced by the manufacturers. All respects of the shower enclosure have a unified standard and their security is also higher.

5, Walk in shower enclosures
Walk in shower enclosure is suitable for the narrow shape bathroom. This shower enclosure just took a wall or a corner area. This type of shower enclosures does not need to match shower base. This shower enclosure just needs a waterproof glue strip.

6, Quadrant shower enclosures
This type of shower enclosure can be very perfect to adapt to different bathroom space. With a sense of overall feeling stronger, most users would also like to choose shower pan at the same time.