New product introduction | DABBL Magic mirror series, 10k twinkle

Magic mirror series

Exquisite workmanship,technical precipitation.

Inherent in quality

Elegant, simple, freestyle, natural.

We follow the charm of art in our exquisite craftsmanship.

Give life to the feeling.

A DABBL shower enclosure that lets you forget the trouble.

Same simple style — different new design.

Now, need you to appreciate it.


Life is beautiful because of simple.

Only a simple, free and healthy life is the enjoyment of beauty, and the DABBLE Magic mirror series integrates the simple and pure beauty into life, and pursues the beauty of the ultimate 10k bright mirror shine.


||Magic mirror DBN822L


Magic mirror DBN822L shower enclosure—-1.2 mm Import 304 stainless steel +and double rail structure, 10k bright mirror shine, New upgrade high standard 304 stainless steel, full series of double rail structure, never derailment, safety care. New hidden silent rollers, silky smooth, not hidden dust, all products standard with the unique nano easy clean technology, 8-10mm homogenized tempered glass, safe and anti-explosion


Magic mirror DBN822L shower enclosure,

Without the need of deliberate complicated,

natural and orderly coating design,

to show the romantic of life,

maximize your bathroom space and enjoy your free time.

10k bright mirror shine,

DABBL engineer absorbedmakes

the straight and arc line Perfect fusion,

Have both beauty and practicality,

Solid and reliable, have bright prospects

||Magic mirror PBN151L shower screen

 Magic mirror PBN151L shower enclosure——1.2 mm Import 304 stainless steel +and double rail structure, shower screen, The choice that takes shower space to the extreme, unbound free experience.New nano easy cleaning technology, homogeneous tempered glass, technology can be seen.

DABBL Magic mirror series

The appearance level is always online, the connotation is everywhere.

Just for the tasteful&aspiring you

To enjoy

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