New upgrade of Dabbl panoramic door

Dabbl panoramic door FX-Q series is newly upgraded and launched hotly


New upgrade of Dabbl panoramic door



FX-Q panoramic door design concept

Inspired by the minimalism of Nordic architecture

And the Japanese people’s keen sense of aesthetics and craftsmanship,

Aims to achieve the best of both worlds.

Its characteristic is to focus on vision,

Minimalism and timeless quality.


Adhering to the design concept of “Avenue to Simplicity”,

Make the door frame “narrow”

Achieved 16mm;


Through the thin-edged black frame glass sliding door,

High-transmittance glass that retains light penetration,

Freely switch between open and closed.



6063 aviation grade primary aluminum

Silicon titanium magnesium aluminum alloy

High strength, high toughness, strong corrosion resistance, not easy to deform

Bright and clean surface, long-lasting freshness



Long lasting

Porcelain bathing process

The porcelain swimming process is matt and not reflective,

Cool black does not show color, style is versatile, stylish and simple

Anti-fouling and easy to clean

Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant,

Acid and alkali resistance, super weather resistance


Elegant door cover


Optional single package or double package door cover

High-strength total frame,

Neat lines,

Demonstrates fashion, simplicity, and smooth touch; realizes the close fit between the door leaf and the door frame, and exquisite workmanship


Narrow frame and large field of view

16mm extremely narrow frame design

The view of the space is spacious and transparent,

Reduce feelings of depression and improve daylighting



Jane but powerful

3mm profile wall thickness and load-bearing design

Narrow side models are never cutting corners

In order to ensure the strength of the door leaf

The product series deliberately increase the profile wall thickness (3mm)

The door leaf is more load-bearing and more durable


Exquisite back handle

Comfortable grip, effortless and effortless

Beautiful lines, sleek straight grip,

Open the door easily and effortlessly



Cushion damping OPEC pulley

Hidden buffer, unfettered

Buffer damping design, automatic buffer closing,

Safe and reliable, with any strength,

No collision noise, random push and pull.

OPEC pulleys are more durable,

Equipped with a buffer, more silent.



Door leaf soundproof strip

Sound insulation, airtight and heat preservation

Add sound-proof silica gel strips between the door leaves,

Increase the airtightness of the door leaf and the door leaf,

So as to improve the sound insulation effect